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10 Amazing Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is often substituted for regular cooking oil but did you know its uses go beyond the kitchen? As a matter of fact, it is a great product to use for your beauty needs and can even replace other types of skin care items that you are using at the moment.

What’s great about coconut oil is that it is known for its antibacterial, nourishing, and healing properties hence it’s different uses. Here are 10 ways that you can use coconut oil for your beauty needs.

1. Remove Makeup. Cleansers that contain chemical compounds can do more harm than good when removing makeup. There are some that can even make your skin dry after prolonged use. Applying coconut oil as cleanser not only helps remove makeup but also leaves your skin smooth and soft.
2. Hair Mask. Your hair may need some TLC especially after being subjected to harsh chemicals day in and day out. The best way to revive and rejuvenate your hair is by applying coconut oil on your mane. You need to heat coconut oil first especially when it is in its solid state then apply after you shampoo your hair. Let it sit for five minutes before rinsing.

3. Eye Lash Conditioner. Removing eye makeup is tough especially when you apply a lot of mascara and eye shadow but with the use of coconut oil, this task will be easier. Simply add coconut oil to a cotton pad then press the pad over your eyes. Hold it for a few seconds to allow the oil to seep and dissolve eye makeup. While removing eye makeup, it also helps condition your eye lashes.

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4. Body Oil. If you’re looking for a light moisturizer to apply on your body then using coconut oil is something worth considering. The creamy texture of coconut oil is perfect for moisturizing. Just apply a small amount on your skin after you take a shower or bath to help lock the moisture in. You can add some lavender or peppermint oil if you want to create a scented moisturizer.

5. Hand Cream. Your hands are one of the most used parts of your body and should require care as often as possible. If you don’t have any hand cream, simply rub coconut oil on your hands to allow the oil to sink into your skin, nails, and cuticles. This will leave your hand looking healthy and strong afterwards.

6. Lip Balm. Chapped lips can be uncomfortable and can spoil one’s confidence but with coconut oil, you don’t have to deal with cracks on your lips. Put coconut oil on any spare container and bring it with you at all times. If your lips are starting to feel dry, just smear coconut oil on your lips and that’s it.

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7. Scalp Treatment. Itchy and flaky scalp can ruin one’s self confidence. Although there are many available products to help treat dry and itchy scalp, going natural is still the best course to take. Just massage coconut oil onto your hair and scalp and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. This will help alleviate any dryness, flakes, and even eczema.

8. Under Eye Cream. The skin under the eyes is actually quite thin not to mention delicate which is why it is prone to puffiness, dark circles, and even fine lines. Buying an expensive eye cream may be the first thing to pop in your mind but instead of spending more than you can afford, why not use coconut oil instead? Just rub some on your fingers to warm it up then dab some under your eyes.

9. Body Scrub. Body scrubs are great in getting rid of dead skin cells but instead of paying for branded body scrubs, why not combine sugar and coconut oil? Not only will you get a natural body scrub but you’ll also have your skin moisturized thanks to the coconut oil. Simply massage the concoction all over your body including your feet if you like to enjoy smooth and soft skin.

10. Fight Frizz. Frizzy and wild hair can be a burden to maintain. Applying hair shine and other hair products may only worsen the condition after prolonged use. In this case, it’s best to use coconut oil. Just apply a small amount of coconut oil on your fingers and apply it midway closer to the bottom of your hair. You’ll get healthier and extra shiny hair too.

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