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10 Best Beauty Hacks You Definitely Need

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We all want to look our best as much as possible but most of us are scared to try new things because of the complicated instructions that they come with. What’s more, our busy schedule can impede us from actually doing a great job with our hair or our makeup. With that being said, life will be a bit bearable when learning a few tricks like the ones below.

Lighten foundation with moisturizer

Made a wrong choice with your foundation? There are times when your foundation is too dark for your complexion even though it looked good while you were in the store. Well, the good news is that with a bit of moisturizer, you can actually lighten it up. Just add a small amount to it and you are done.

Cover up blemishes with concealer

Another beauty hack that you need to learn is to conceal your blemishes with concealer. Start with foundation then blend evenly before dabbing a small amount of concealer on the affected areas. Set your foundation and concealer with a setting powder so that it will have a smooth finish.

Conceal over a wide area

Most of us use concealer on the affected areas only but if you want to get the best results, you will need to cover a wider area instead. Beauty experts recommend that you contour with a concealer the triangular area between the outer end of the eyes, the middle of your cheek, and the base of your nose. You’ll surely love the results.

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Sock for beauty blender

If you haven’t bought a new blender or you lost the old one, you are in luck. If you have those odd socks in your drawer, just roll it up then use it for your foundation or other makeup products. You won’t be dismayed with the results, plus, you can wash your socks so you don’t have to buy beauty blender again and again.

Olive oil as makeup remover

Makeup can leave particles on your face even when you use wipes or when you wash your face so a better option to really get those particles off is to use olive oil. Get a small amount of olive oil and massage all over your face. Now wipe it off with a wet wash cloth and you’ll get all of your makeup off.

Use mascara for gray hair

Don’t want your graying hair to show too much? Use mascara to cover them up. Although mascara can be a bit clunky and chunky at times, what you need to do is to heat some mascara up then apply on your hair. You will find that your graying hair will disappear immediately.

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Vinegar for conditioner

Conditioner does soften your hair but going natural is still the best course to take. Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, not only softens the hair but it also gets rid of any product build up on your scalp too. It restores the pH balance so that your hair will grow healthy and strong.

Vampy lips

This 90’s makeup idea is worth learning as it can make your lips do all the talking so you don’t have to pay attention to the rest of your makeup. Start by using a sugar lip polish on your lips to exfoliate and condition your lips. Follow this up with a lip liner before filling your lips with the same color as that of your lipstick. Use a brush to apply lipstick from the tube to blend with the lip liner and you are done.

Deep cleanse lips with toothbrush

Exfoliating your lips is important if you want it to look gorgeous. If you don’t have any lip scrub available, you can use some olive oil and an old toothbrush to scrub your lips gently.

Garlic on nails

Garlic appears to be good for your nails. Simply rub some on your nails and allow the juice to set before wiping it off with off afterwards with a clean towel. You’ll find your nails look better and much stronger too.

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