10 Common Fitness Myths Squashed

The path towards fitness is lined with all sorts of myths that need to be discredited. Otherwise, it will be easy for you to go off course, leaving you wondering where it went wrong. So if you want to make sure that you’re not doing anything that doesn’t have the backing of science, read on. The following are 10 common myths placed under the spotlight:

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Myth #1: The Sweatier You Get, the More Fat You Burn
You sweat when you work out because it is your body’s way of cooling itself. Sweating, however, does not indicate how much fat you are actually zapping. Pay more special attention to the intensity of your routine rather than how wet your t-shirt gets to have a clearer and more precise idea on how effectively you are burning fat.

Myth #2: Snacking on Fruits Won’t Make You Gain Weight
Any kind of food — healthy or otherwise — can make you fat if you consume it in large amounts. It’s true that snacking on fruits after you work out or any other time of the day is good for you because they replenish your energy and supply vitamins and minerals to your body. However, too much of them can make you gain weight.

Myth #3: You May Take Any Protein Powder and See the Same Result
Currently, there are different types of protein to choose from. Some of them include whey, casein, soy and egg. While all of them supply protein, each one works slightly differently from the next. Also, they contain varying amounts of calories, carbohydrates, fat and even cholesterol.

Myth #4: Carb Elimination is the Only Way to Slim Down
If you’re attempting to lose weight, you have to remember to do a couple of things only: proper diet and regular exercise. Eliminate any of them and you may fail to attain your goal in an effective and healthy manner.

Myth #5: Feeling Sore the Next Day Means You Did a Great Job
Scrap the saying “no pain, no gain” because your fitness progress should not be determined by how sore and achy your muscles are the following day. Evaluate your workout by what happens throughout the session and not what takes place the day after.

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Myth #6: Bigger Muscles Mean Stronger Muscles
You may choose to have really big muscles or you may opt to have really strong muscles — it all depends on your goal and how you train them. It’s true that big muscles are packed with power. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those who train for muscle strength are weaker than physique athletes who are more focused on getting massive.

Myth #7: Exercising Helps Offset Bad Eating Habits
If your goal for hitting the gym is for you to be able to enjoy that humungous burger later on without the guilt, then you are looking at things from the wrong perspective. Experts say that about 80% of your physical appearance is based on diet.

Myth #8: Working Out a Body Part Causes Reduction of Fat in the Area
Spot reduction does not exist. The only way for you to lose fat is by losing it all over. Doing cardio — most especially intense ones — is an excellent way to zap fat. No matter how many crunches you do, that won’t cause fat in your belly region to magically go away.

Myth #9: Eating Egg Yolks Will Make You Fat
For many years, egg yolks had a terrible reputation until scientists of today have found out that they aren’t that bad for you. They say that consuming the yolk won’t cause a considerable increase in cholesterol. The stuff that you eat it with such as bacon and butter can make you gain weight and get your arteries clogged up.

Myth #10: Gaining Muscle Mass After 40 is Not Possible
The fact is you may always train your muscles regardless of you age. However, the older you are, the more work that you should carry out. In your lifetime, there’s always plenty room for looking great and being healthy!

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