10 Diet and Exercise Tips to Living Healthy with Diabetes

Being afflicted with type 2 diabetes requires you to do some changes. The fact is you don’t have to alter everything all at once just to be able to live with the condition. Especially when it comes to your diet and weight, doing one small change after the other is the key to making sure that type 2 diabetes won’t take over your life.

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Record the Amount of Exercise You’re Getting
Write down all of the physical activities you have performed, from doing the dishes to using the treadmill. This allows you to see if you are doing enough or little exercise.

Buy a Pedometer and Use It
This fitness instrument is cheap, easily clips on your belt or waistband, and tells you the number of steps you take on a daily basis. The goal is to constantly top the number of steps you take each week.

Cook Your Own Meals
It can be very easy to go astray each time you’re inside fast food joints. Save yourself from eating anything that can ruin your health by cooking your own food and bringing it with you.

Consume One New Fruit Weekly
Doing this allows you to come across something that can make your diet an exciting one each time. However, it’s a good idea to always test your blood sugar most especially after consuming fruits you have not tried eating in the past.

Place Small Portions of Food Before You
To save yourself from overeating, stick to smaller food portions. It will help a lot if you use small plates and bowls too.

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Take Your Blood Sugar 2 to 3 Hours After Eating
Doing this lets you see which food causes a rise in your blood sugar. Closely monitoring what you eat can keep your type 2 diabetes from ruining your life.

Alter Your Daily Routine Little by Little
Identify the bad things you are accustomed to and gradually opt for alternatives. For instance, replace your much loved latte with a piping-hot cup of coffee with low-fat milk. Taking one small step at a time will take you to your goal.

Scan the Menu Carefully
In fast food joints, foods that are bad for you are usually the most sought after ones. Before you order, take a really good look at the menu. Opt for items that are least likely to put your health in shambles.

Do Your Research Before You Head Out
If you are expecting to eat out with your family and friends, sit in front of a computer and go online beforehand. Research what the restaurant you are about to visit serves so that you may already pick the ones that suit your health.

Stash Gum in Your Pocket
Nothing can ruin your health and weight more than snacking on the wrong food for your condition. Each time you encounter a craving, pop a gum in your mouth. Just make sure that the pack of gum you have handy is the sugar-free type.

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