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10 Easy Fixes for Common Makeup Mistakes

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You’ve accidentally lined one of your eyes thicker than the other. The brush took too much product and made you look like an extra for “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. No, need to redo your makeup from the beginning. Here are ten easy fixes for common makeup mistakes


Foundation Not Sticking
– Skin prep is important when it comes to applying makeup. Removing the dirt and oil in your face keeps the foundation and makeup last longer and stick to the skin effortlessly.

Oily and Sticky Looking Skin
– Skipping putting on moisturizer will cause the skin to produce excessive oil and make foundation stick to the oils on the face, instead of the skin.

Wrong Foundation Shade
– This is a very common mistake that people make. The common culprit is buying the wrong shade. Before going to buy your foundation determine if your skin is acidic. People that are acidic should buy foundation that is a shade lighter than their skin tone, over time after applying the makeup turns a shade darker due to the acidity of the skin. When testing out a product apply it on your jawline, not in the back of your hand.

Thick Foundation
– When first applying foundation, don’t pile it on. Apply a thin layer of foundation. Draw your brow, apply blush on and lipstick before doing a cover up. This will prevent you from having cakey foundation.

Obvious Lip liner
– Pick a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color. This will make the blending a lot easier.

Bright Colored Cheeks
– Tone down your colorful cheek by swiping a clean brush on it. This will brush away the excess blush without removing too much. If you use a cream or liquid brush, dab a damp cotton ball in the area to tone it down.

Eyeliner Smudge
– Wait for your liquid liner to dry before blinking. If you get eyeliner smudge under your eyelids, dip a cotton bud in makeup remover to remove it without damaging the rest of the eye makeup.

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Mascara Problems
– Avoid getting mascara smudges and clumps by applying your mascara in a zigzag motion. Remove mascara smudges with the same cotton bud technique. Remove clumps by applying moisturizer on the finger tips and pulling it of the lashes

Harsh Eyeshadow
– Brush a tiny bit of foundation over the color to soften it up.

Heavy Lipstick
– Remove heavy lipstick by applying lip balm and blotting on tissue paper. Repeat the process until you get your desired shade.

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Makeup is really hard to master so making a few mistakes is completely normal. Now you can remember this makeup fixes the next time you make a mistake.

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