10 Foods That Can Obliterate Cancer

Experts say that it is possible for our immune system to wipe out cancer cells especially with a little help from the diet. What you put in your mouth can activate certain codes that can cause the stimulation of enzymes and proteins highly capable of zapping all sorts of cancers in the human body. The following are 10 foods known to help your immune system scan the body, zoom in on cancer cells and have them obliterated:

What makes turmeric highly effective against cancer cells is curcumin, something which has superb antioxidant properties. Based on investigations, curcumin helps suppress oxidative stress and inflammation, both of which can contribute to the formation as well as proliferation of cancer cells. Experts say that this compound in turmeric is actually more potent than several pharmaceutical solutions against all sorts of diseases.

Green Tea
This well-loved beverage is loaded with epigallocatechin gallate or ECGC, the most potent catechin found in green tea. ECGC helps suppress inflammation, a condition which can trigger the formation of cancer cells as well as support their uncontrollable proliferation. Experts say that this catechin also provides impressive cardiovascular system support.

Sea Vegetables
Because they are packed with minerals and antioxidants, it’s no wonder why kombu, nori, wakame, arame and other sea vegetables are known to be excellent at fighting off cancer. Investigations have shown that sea vegetables are particularly very good at preventing and combating colon cancer, although they are superb at dealing with many other cancers.

Cruciferous Vegetables
A diet that’s rich in cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, collard greens and broccoli is said to help ward off cancer. That’s because these cruciferous vegetables contain glucosilonates known to activate certain compounds in the body that possess anti-cancer-properties. These biologically active compounds are not only known to inhibit cancer formation, but also ward off metastasis and promote cancer cell death.

Lycopene in tomatoes are powerful antioxidants known to prevent and kill cancer cells. What’s more, lycopene also prevents inflammation, a condition which significantly contributes to cancer development as well as cardiovascular disease.

It’s no secret that this herb is capable of contributing a lot of wonderful things to the health. Did you know that garlic is also an excellent fighter of cancer? Investigations have shown that diallyl disulfide or DADS in this very popular herb helps prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. Also, DADS helps neutralize free radicals and encourage cancer cell death.

Red Grapes
There’s a compound in red grapes known as resveratrol that is proven effective against cancer. What resveratrol does is promote liver health so that the vital organ may do its job in detoxifying the body and safeguarding it against cancer. Additionally, resveratrol helps in the production of cyclooxygenase-2 or CoX-2 which is proven to help reduce the occurrence of cancer cells in the body.

Everyone knows that chlorophyll helps plants make their food. But did you know that this substance is also capable of eliminating cancer cells? Two amazing sources of this cancer-fighting substance are chlorella which neutralizes heavy metals and spirulina which bolsters the immune system, making it combat cancer more effectively.

For so many centuries now, mushrooms have been used by traditional healers for dealing with a dizzying array of maladies. Studies have shown that there are many compounds in mushrooms that have superb anti-cancer properties. Experts add that several types of mushrooms are very good at making your immune system stronger.

What makes hemp top-notch at combating cancer cell formation is its ability to promote the production of more melatonin. Although this hormone is very popular at regulating the normal sleep and wake cycles, it is actually capable of slowing down and even inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. According to studies, melatonin is especially highly capable of preventing cancers related to the reproductive system.

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