10 Foods That Dermatologists Won’t Touch

Are you about to consult a new skin care expert? Run as fast as you can if he or she has pimples or acne, or a face that’s greasier than a used skillet! A dermatologist should know way better — and these are 10 of the foods that a good one never dares come close to:

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  1. Really Sweet Treats

The inclusion of sugary foods in the diet can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s because too much sugar can cause your blood glucose levels to spike, leading to inflammation. You don’t want an inflammation within to strike as it can lead to various problems, including severe breakouts.


  1. Salty Foods

It’s common knowledge that a diet that’s high in sodium is bad for the heart. The consumption of foods that contain lots of salt can also leave you puffy. Skin care experts say that prolonged consumption of salty treats can damage the skin texture in the long run, so check out the sodium content of products before paying for them.


  1. Processed Foodstuffs

Aside from being loaded with salt, processed foods are also packed with preservatives and other sorts of chemicals, all of which can be terrible on your skin. Limit your intake of canned goods. Also, you should steer clear of sausages, hot dogs, salamis and other processed meats if you want to keep your skin unblemished.


  1. Junk Goodies

Certainly, junk foods are not called that way for nothing. Reaching for them can leave you with pimples and acne. Majority of these products contain trans fat, which is regarded as the worst kind of fat on the planet. Trans fat is bad for your overall health, and can also cause breakouts like crazy.


  1. Fast Foods

They get to your table in a snap, and that’s why they are referred to as fast foods. They are the ones that you should consume if you want to end up with blemishes in no time. These greasy goodies are not only bad for your skin, but also your figure, heart and health in general.


  1. Goods Out of White Flour

Anything that’s out of white flour may look nice, but they can leave you looking horrid. Skin specialists say that white bread, donuts and other treats out of refined grains can trigger a spike in blood sugar. Such can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can trigger excessive skin oiliness and pimple formation.


  1. Dairy Products

Some experts say that milk, cheese and other dairy products are linked to acne and various skin issues, while others say that there is no connection. Since everyone is different, observe if there are unfavorable skin changes after consuming dairy. If none, then the coast is clear.


  1. Very Spicy Dishes

If you end up with all sorts of skin issues after the consumption of anything spicy, then it’s a good idea to limit your intake of foods that leave your tongue on fire. Individuals who are prone to facial redness or flushing can benefit from steering clear of anything that’s too spicy for them.


  1. Caffeinated Beverages

Experts say that the stimulating effects of coffee can increase the body’s production of cortisol, and it’s something that can lead to the thinning of skin, making it prone to wrinkling. Also coffee and other caffeinated beverages such as tea and soda have diuretic effects that can leave your skin dehydrated.


  1. Alcoholic Drinks

Just like caffeinated beverages, alcohol can also flush lots of fluid out of your body. What’s more, alcohol is a toxin, and we all know that the accumulation of poisonous substances in the body is bad for the complexion. Being drunk can also make you lose control over your diet, leaving you munching on the foods mentioned above!

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