10 Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

Basketball has been one of the best past time and sport in the world. Men, women and children love playing hoops. So what is so fun about shooting balls in hoops? Basketball is fun and full of health benefits.

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Basketball can increase heart rate, improve movement and increase hand eye coordination.

Here are 10 Health Benefits of Playing Basketball:

Lose Weight

Basketball is a fast paced game of shooting, dribbling and passing. It requires a lot of movement that increase heart rate and burn a lot of calories. An hour of playing basketball can burn you up to 750 calories. Basketball also workout every part of your body. It tones the legs, arms, core and more.

Increase Cardio Health

Basketball gives our lungs and heart a complete workout. It increases blood flow and breathing. This is a great cardio workout.

Enhance Endurance

Basketball is a game of wits and endurance. It requires players to be in great physical health and high endurance. Playing basketball at least 4 times a week will increase endurance.

Boost Agility and Speed

Basketball increases your agility and speed by using movements like dribbling, shooting and rebounding.


Passing and blocking can help improve flexibility.

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Basketball uses the whole body and requires coordination of the legs, arm, hand and eye. Playing basketball in the long run will increase coordination.

Team Player

Basketball is a game that requires team cooperation. Playing basketball will teach players to improve cooperation with other players or people. Basketball can increase social inter action and social relationships.


Basketball is said to increase confidence and self-worth.

Discipline and Concentration

Basketball requires concentration and discipline to play. It can keep players mind focused and straight, throughout the game.

Being Social

Basketball can help with interaction and making strong bonds. Go join a basketball team to widen your horizon and make new friend.

It can increase mental and physical health while keeping you moving and burning calories. Pick up a basketball and start playing some hoops.

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