10 Healthy, No-Guilt Fast Food Options

Fast food is readily available and easy on the pocket. However, its regular consumption can put your health in shambles. In case having healthy meal options is not feasible and setting foot inside a fast food joint seems to be the only option, carefully choosing what you order may keep you from sabotaging your well-being.

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Check Out Smaller Fast Food Joints
Drive around if you have plenty of time to come across smaller and less-popular joints. It’s not unlikely for these places to offer many things other than the usual stuff being served elsewhere, such as smoothies, salads and sandwiches.

Don’t Feel Embarrassed to Ask
Before you order anything, don’t be too shy to ask the attendant or manager what you will be consuming exactly. Especially if you have a special diet to follow, it pays to ask which among the offerings contain no gluten or are low in sodium.

Opt for Choices with Veggies
Tacos allow you to enjoy beans containing protein and healthy fats. Burgers with lettuce, tomatoes or coleslaw also enable you to add some fiber into your meal. While fries are out of potatoes, those strips of spuds were deep fried in animal fat.

Count Every Calorie
The burger, fried chicken or milkshake in front of you are not the only sources of calories. You also have to consider other sources of calories aside from the humungous items before you. They include ketchup, dips and syrup on your sundae.

Go for Fruit Options
Instead of ordering fries, opt for the likes of apple or peach pie. It may still be deep fried, but at least the fruity filling still has plenty of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Steer Clear of Carbonated Drinks
Carbonated drinks contain no other nutrient but sugar. Fortunately, there are many fast food restaurants these days that also offer milk and fruit juices, saving you from gulping down sugar-loaded sodas.

Ask for a Glass of Water
It’s also important to check if the fast food joint you are in is serving fruit juices made of actual fruits or simply flavored water that is packed with sugar and other chemicals. If the later is the case, ask the attendant to give you water.

Split Humongous Servings
Bring someone else to your preferred fast food joint and split everything that comes in gigantic proportions to save calories and money. If you’re alone, ask for a doggie bag and take home the other half for your enjoyment later on.

Refrain from Rushing
Make it a habit to take a good look at the menu no matter which fast food joint you’re in. Opt for the least popular offerings as they tend to contain less of the stuff that’s detrimental to your health.

Let Your Opinion be Heard
If there’s a suggestion box somewhere inside the premises, take the time to share that you want healthier food choices. Encourage your family and friends to do the same, pressuring the management to take the necessary action.

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