10 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Away Banana Peels

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Away Banana Peels

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1.) Teeth Whitening
To get naturally whiter teeth, you rub the banana peel on the teeth every day for about a week to be effective.

2.)Removing warts
Banana peels help to remove warts and prevent them from coming back. Well casing or casing cover up the acne affected area and leave overnight to reduce the warts.

3.) Cooking
Instead of throwing banana peels in the trash, you can use it for cooking purposes.

4.) Acne Treatment
Rubbing banana peel with honey is the best approach to treat acne and reduce facial scarring.

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5.) Prevent Wrinkles
Banana peel is also beneficial for the skin because it contains antioxidants that have anti-aging effects. It keeps skin hydrated, firm the skin and improve elasticity.

6.) Analgesic
Peel bananas work well in soothing sore spots in your body. If you have pain, use banana peels as an essential oil. Massage with a banana peel and put in 15 minutes, your pain will ease immediately.

7.) Cure Psoriasis
This was unexpected benefits from banana peels. Rub the banana peel will help relieve itching and rapid healing psoriasis.

8.) Treatment for insect bites
Insect bite can make you itch and pain. Get bitten by rubbing the skin of a banana skin to relieve itching and pain.

9.) Protection from ultraviolet rays
Peel bananas known to reduce the risk of cataracts. To reduce itching and eye fatigue, you should apply a banana peel on the eyes to be protected.

10.) Cleaning
Banana peel can also be used for the purpose of cleaning supplies in the house. You can use it to clean shoe, leather, or silver jewelry.

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