10 Remedies for Minor Cuts and Grazes

It is impossible to avoid minor cuts and grazes. This happens when he first layer of the skin is scraped or cut. These injuries may be minor, but it can still cause scab or infections. Treat cut and grazes immediately. Stop bleeding by applying pressure to the affected area. Use a clean cloth or clean fingers to apply pressure. Clean the area with soap and water. After applying these basic first aid, apply this home remedies to the cut or graze.

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Here are the top 10 home remedies for cuts and grazes.

Honey (has antibacterial properties)
• Apply honey on the affected area and bandage it.
• Leave the bandage on for about an hour.
• Remove the bandage carefully.
• Rinse the affected area.
• Do these steps at least 3 times a day until the wound completely heals.

Garlic (has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties)
• Mix crushed garlic cloves and honey.
• Apply the mixture on the area. Leave it in for ten minutes.
• Remove the garlic cloves and wrap the area with a clean bandage.
• Remove bandage after an hour and rinse off.
• Repeat twice a day.

Aloe Vera (speed up healing and sooth the pain)
• Extract the gel from the aloe vera plant.
• Apply the gel on the affected area.
• Let it sit and dry on its own.
• Repeat this process every few hours.

White Vinegar (disinfects cuts and grazes)
• Mix 2/3 water and salt together. Mix until the salt dissolves.
• Add a tablespoon of vinegar and mix.
• Soak a cotton ball or clean cloth on the mixture.
• Apply on the cut or graze.
• Repeat this process every 2 hours daily until the wound clears up.

Tea Tree Oil (antimicrobial and increase healing time)
• Add half a tablespoon of tea tree oil to a cup of warm water and mix.
• Use this mixture to cleanse the wound.
• Do this twice a day.

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Calendula (reduce inflammation and reduces pain)
• Add a tablespoon of dried Calendula flower in a cup of water then boil for 5 minutes
• Strain the mixture and let it cool.
• Use the solution as a rinse for the affected area. Do this 2 to 3 times a day.

Turmeric (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial)
• Apply turmeric powder on bleeding cut or wound to stop blood flow.
• Create a paste with turmeric and water and apply on the affected area. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Plantain ( cleanse and reduces pain on the cut)
• Extract plantain juices from crushed leaves.
• Apply the crushed leaves on the affected area.
• Leave it on for a few hours.
• Do this 3 times a day until the wound heals.

Onion (antimicrobial and antiseptic)
• Rub thick pieces of onion on the affected area.
• Repeat this every few hours to speed up healing and reduce inflammation.

Comfrey (Increase healing time and reduce scarring)
• Add a tablespoon of dried comfrey in a cup of hot water.
• Let it sit for 15 minutes.
• Use this mixture to clean the area 3 times a day.
• Apply fresh comfrey leaves in the area work too.
• Keep affected are covered and moisturized to avoid scarring and infection.
• Never pick at your scabs.
• Boost healing time by eating protein rich foods.
• Drinks plenty of water

If you experience swelling, pus, excessive bleeding, excruciating pain and fever due to the cut or graze go to the doctor as soon as possible.

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