10 Simple and Painless Ways to Lose Weight

Is there really such a thing as painless weight loss process? If you’re in-between workouts and tries hard to avoid those sinfully delicious foods because you’re set on losing weight, then it seems that there is nothing really pain-free in that. The good thing is you don’t really have to slave away while trying to lose weight. Doing a few tweaks in your lifestyle might just do the trick. Find out how by reading on:

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1. Add, don’t Subtract
Forget denying yourself of food. Instead add more to your diet. Skipping foods that you like will just make you crave for it more. Try adding a few more healthy goodies to your diet and eat away.

2. Forget About Working Out
If the term “working out” makes you cringe, then by all means avoid it. Maybe the trick to enjoying a real workout is to never refer to it as one—call it creative exercise if it so pleases you.

3. Go for a walk.
Walking is easily the easiest cardio activity that your body will thank you for. It’s a super-nice way to keep fit and healthy. You just need to think of creative ways to make your walking sessions fun and enjoyable.

4. Lighten the foods you Love
One sure way of cutting down on the foods that you like without feeling denied is to switch to the “lite” versions of those foods.

5. Hydrate well.
Drink water before you eat your meal so you’ll immediately feel full and refreshed, thereby reducing the amount of food that you can otherwise consume.

6. Share your Meals
Sharing is giving, and not only that, it will help you control your food intake. So the next time you dine out, share your meal with a friend or a family member. That way, you’ll be hitting two birds in one shot—you won’t feel as full and you can save on money.

7. Tune in to Tone Up
Did you know that more people can exercise effectively when they’re tuned in to their favourite TV shows or swaying to their favourite music beats? So the next time you’re trying to do your cardio workouts, plug in your iPod and start bouncing to your fave music.

8. Size Matters
Eating less without feeling deprived is easier than done. Normally, people go by physical cues. You have to trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating more, when in reality, you’re not. Use a smaller food plate and fill it, so your brain will think that you’re having enough of what you’re eating.

9. Get Involved
There will be times that your weight loss efforts will turn into boredom; that is sometimes inevitable for some. If that happens, by all means take a break and get occupied with other things that you enjoy to break the monotony.

10. Lose it today, keep it off tomorrow.
Learn to be patient. Losing weight is no easy process, and it takes time—a lot of it.

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