10 Stay-Skinny Secrets of Women Who Never Diet

Why are there women that no matter what they eat or how often they eat, they never seem to get fat? You all probably know someone who is like them, right? They never scrimp on food, never order a salad, and don’t even go on a diet. So how do they do it? Here are probably some of their secrets;

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1. Don’t make everyday a special occasion.
Those sweet treats at the office, a decadent dinner, cake at a friend’s party—these events happen ever so regularly that sometimes it’s so easy to indulge yourself. While treating yourself is a must-do, it is still your overall diet that matters and keeps your weight steady. So choose your sweet treats wisely and forego the rest.

2. Talk (a lot) over dinner.
It’s nice to catch up with the lives of your family and friends over a good meal—so do it. Talking slows down your eating and makes you consume fewer calories.

3. Skip the diet foods
Foods with low-calorie or low-fats on their labels only sound great in theory. The glitch in this is that these foods are processed heavily and often come with high carbs content. If you eat these, it will just get converted to sugar and add more to your weight.

4. There is no “bad” food.
Do you notice that if you keep on referring to something as “bad” particularly to food, you’ll end up wanting it more? That’s just how the brain works. If you think chocolates are bad, somehow you’ll end up thinking about it, even obsess over it, until lo and behold, you’ll find yourself munching on a Snickers bar. So for a better relationship with food, eliminate “bad” from your vocab.

5. Have your beauty rest
Lack of sleep disturbs the body’s hormonal balance which can lead to weight gain. So avoid this b making sure that you’re having ample snooze time everyday so you can keep your body recharged and functioning properly.

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6. Let yourself off the hook.
You’re just human and are prone to temptations. So don’t crucify yourself if you somehow gave in to your cravings for that mouth watering burger with fries—just forgive and move on.

7. Skip the diet soda.

8. Experiment in the kitchen.
If you tend to get bored by the same healthy foods all over again, then it’s high time for you to jazz up your meals with spices and herbs to make it taste a bit differently.

9. Don’t count the calories
Counting your calories can sometimes drive you insane. Remember, there’s a difference on how your body uses of a thousand calories of junk food and a thousand calories of whole foods. So focus on filling yourself with real foods that are high in protein and other nutrients.

10. Consume sugar smartly
Sugar is simply not a good treat for your body—it can handle only so much at any given time. Too much sugar in the body will only get stored as fat. So before reaching for that cookie jar, think of how much sugar your body can only handle.

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