10 Stress Relieving Scents That You Will Actually Make You Relaxed

Surprising and serious fact of the day: some people can relax when smelling jet fuel. By plane or by boat, it’s a smell everybody expects when travelling or going on vacation. If you want to be relaxed when you’re stressed, hunt for the things listed below and hold them up your nose for one minute.

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1. You know that the boat or jet can take you somewhere more relaxing and this is why boat or jet fuel create expectations for relaxation. However, don’t start sniffing jet fuel for the entire day. But, as crazy as it may sounds, there are a few who actually enjoy this. Anyway, if you feel a little relaxed when approaching the marina or the airport, this might be the explanation and cause.

2. The light, earthy scent of lemongrass is the reason why companies use it in their products to help in relieving stress. It doesn’t really trigger a chemical reaction in the brain; rather, a soothing feeling that is intangible is what people get upon smelling, which induces relaxation.

3. Scents that people associate with travel trigger a relaxing state because they remind people of vacation, where people are relaxed, such as the smell of sunscreen.

4. Herbal tea is relaxing. Many people find the herbaceous scent of chamomile tea calming. However, this is nothing but the people’s placebo response. “It’s almost like a phenomenon because people relate the scent to how they feel after drinking the tea,” – Dr. Hirsch

5. The smell of cucumbers gives us nostalgia, which induces relaxation and reduces anxiety. It takes us back to a time where get-togethers and picnics were more usual, back to a time of life that is anxiety-ridden.

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6. The smell of baked goods is something satisfying, delicious, secure, safe, and familiar, which induces relaxation.

7. Your best friend, other half, girlfriend, boyfriend, or whomever loved one’s smell triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that causes it to find it soothing, particularly the feeling of being infatuated or in love. This also happens at the house of your grandparents or your bedroom, which in the first place, you consider safe and calming,

8. The smell of vanilla instantly makes you feel at ease and makes you sleep faster. Some baby bottle nipples are infused with the scent of vanilla, which, a lot like baby powder can make even adults find the scent soothing.

9. Lavender oil affects the brain by increasing drowsiness, which makes people fall asleep and relaxed.

10. Childhood is a period of life where you feel secure and safe, and this feeling is induced by baby powder.

A chemical reaction is triggered in the bran by certain scents, which aids relaxation.

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