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10 Super Foods to Gain Weight Fast

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Well, there are a number of adjectives that skinny people’s friends use for them, like matchstick, skeletal, hanger, undernourished and so on…! All these words give immense embarrassment. Isn’t it?? It is good to be slim and fit, but being skinny and lean can get with it 10 Super Foods to Gain Weight Fasta whole lot of troubles, like fatigue, anaemia, low energy, etc. Here is a list of super foods that can add some extra pounds on your body, making you look fit and healthy.

1. Sweets

Lucky you!!! Sweets, like dark chocolate, ice-cream, cakes are rich in calories, and hence; they are extremely good for people, who want to gain weight. Well, it is a fact that everybody loves sweets, but it is necessary to consume them in moderation. These sweets are made up of sugar, milk products, and other sweet agents, which can prove to be cooperative for thin people to put on weight fast.

2. Nuts

The crunchy snacks, like peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. are affluent in the amount of healthy and rich nutrients, like fats, fibres, vitamins, and minerals, which not only make them an excellent therapy for a healthy heart, but also in gaining weight. These nuts contain essential oils, which assist a thin person to put on pounds fast.

3. Whole Grains

Whole grains include brown rice, cereals, oats, wheat, etc., which are the powerhouses of diverse nutrients. Brown or plain rice and oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates, which are the vital element for building your muscles. On the other hand, cereals are a high calorie food, and they must be taken as a morning meal.

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4. Dairy Fat

Dairy fats, like milk and cheese, are a great combination of calcium, proteins and fats. They are natural muscle building and weight gaining super foods.

5. Butter

Salted butter contains 36 calories per five grams of serving, and for this reason, this saturated fat is good for all those, who want to increase weight. Another type of butter is peanut butter, which is also an excellent way of consuming calories, minerals, vitamins, and various other health-defensive food elements.

6. Animal Fats

Animal fats, like white meat and red meat, are diverse in their properties. White meats, like turkey and chicken, are high in protein and carbohydrates and low in fat. However, red meat, like beef, is rich in calories and fats. The former foodstuffs are effective in muscle building and the latter is effective in gaining weight.

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7. Banana

Banana is an excellent fruit for those, who want to put on weight. A large banana has 120 calories, which can instil fat, calories, as well as a good amount of potassium and mineral in a lean person. Banana shake is also a good alternative.

8. Fruit Juice

Pure fruit juice contains copious amount of calories, which can lead to weight gain. Besides giving healthy vitamins and nutrients to the body, fruit juice provides 57 calories per glass.

9. Sweet and Mashed Potato

Potatoes, whether sweet or plain, both are richly filled with carbohydrates and proteins. They are an ideal foodstuff for those, who want to be in a good shape. An interesting fact is that potatoes are an essential part of the daily diet of sumo wrestlers!!!

10. Eggs

Eggs can prove to be a great starter for your day as this calorie-rich food can deliver you minerals, fats, and proteins. It not only maintains your brain and overall health, but also helps you in gaining weight.

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