10 Superfoods That are Not Getting Enough Spotlight

Blueberries, quinoa, broccoli, kale, garlic, turmeric, kimchi, green tea — we all know that these are superfoods as they tend to show up everywhere on the internet, particularly if you are on the hunt for foods that can make you healthy. Did you know that there are so many other superfoods on the planet that are worthy of the spotlight, too?

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So if you are getting more and more bored of the well-known superfoods, continue reading. Below you will find a total of 10 superfoods that can make you super healthy, but are seemingly not getting enough much-deserved attention!


Bone Broth

Experts say that consuming bone broth on a regular basis helps prevent and even reverse leaky gut, painful and inflamed joints, and so many other health problems. It’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals, plus it helps stretch your shopping budget — it’s made from beef or chicken bones that you would normally throw away.


Green Apples

If you really want to keep the doctor away, then eat a green apple a day. Also known as granny smith, this type of apple is said to be more superior to its red counterpart nutrition-wise. With more vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, munching on a green apple daily can help you stay in the pink of health!



Unlike vegetables from the ground, those from the sea contain omega-3 fatty acids — healthy fats that are good for your brain and heart. Seaweeds also contain good amounts of minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and iodine. To incorporate them in your diet, add them to your favorite stir-fry veggies or soups.


Nutritional Yeast

Vitamin B12, protein and fiber — you can get all of these from nutritional yeast. No, it’s not something for baking, but for seasoning or topping which is perfect for vegetarians and non-vegans who just want to be healthier than the rest. Feel free to sprinkle some nutritional yeast on soups, popcorn, pasta and salads.


Black Garlic

Everyone agrees that garlic is a superfood. Did you know that there’s also black garlic? It’s been revered in Asia for so many years now. Black garlic is just regular garlic that’s fermented, which means that the healing prowess (such as fighting cancer and reducing heart disease risk) of our all-time favorite herb is boosted!


Aloe Vera

We all know that aloe vera is very good at delaying skin aging as well as easing indigestion and acid reflux. However, not too many people are aware that the consumption of aloe vera promotes optimum health. Experts say that it helps heal fungal infections, strengthen the immune system, improve gut health and regulate blood sugar.



Also known as amla, gooseberry is definitely worthy of the spotlight when superfoods are being talked about. Popularly consumed in the form of juice, gooseberry is said to possess superb antioxidant properties that help fight off cancer, support reproductive health, strengthen the bones and sharpen the vision.


Hemp Seeds

More and more health-conscious people are discovering the benefits of consuming hemp seeds. Numerous studies have shown that these tiny superfoods are packed with amino acids. In fact, hemp seeds are touted as better sources of protein than meat because the fat they have is the healthy kind, plus they have no cholesterol!


Cacao Beans

For some time now, cacao beans have been impressing scientists with their amazing antioxidant content. It’s no secret that antioxidants help prevent various health problems that stem from oxidative stress or damage. The best way to take advantage of cacao beans? Eat dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao) in moderation.


Matcha Green Tea

Everyone knows that a cup of freshly-brewed green tea can bring forth all sorts of health benefits. Imagine enjoying all of those health benefits a total of 10 times without consuming lots of green tea. Such can be achieved simply by enjoying a cup of matcha green tea, experts say!

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