10 Ways to Add Healthy Fats to Low Carb Diet

One of the most popular diet right now is the low carb diet. The premise of this diet is good, but this diet without the help of a nutritionist can be bad. A diet that is low carb consumes very little amounts of fat. If your body is low in carbohydrates and fat, it will only have protein. Protein is great for the body, but having only protein in your system can make you moody, hungry and cause lack of motivation.

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Insert These Healthy Fats in your diet to maintain a good balance in the body.

Use Fat When Cooking
– Adding a tablespoon of butter or healthy oils to your cooking can give it an extra flavor and richness. Add olive out for salads and soups to add more flavors.

Fatty Meat and Fishes
– Pick meats and fishes from the organic aisle; choose ones that have a fattier cut. Chicken breast and lean steaks have their fats removed, avoid those cuts. When picking fishes, pick ones found in the wild, they have healthier fats.

Cod Fish Liver Oil
– It is now known as a super food for its bountiful health benefits. It is a healthy way to add fat to the diet and also helps add vitamins and minerals too.

Nuts, Avocados and Eggs
– These three are filled with healthy fat that are great for the body. Eating one egg, a half cheek of avocado and a handful of nuts 2 a week can give you your needed amount of healthy fats.

White Coffee
– Add some healthy fat by splashing on some cream to your coffee. It is really delicious and can actually curb your hunger. Drink this once a day, over consumption can cause palpitation and weight gain.

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Fatty Cheeses
– Add fatty cheeses to your crackers for a healthy fat boost.

Mayonnaise and Guacamole
– These two condiments are very nutritious and high in healthy fat. Add this to your snacks, but limit consumption to a tablespoon.

Sauces like Béarnaise
– Adding sauces like béarnaise can add creaminess to your meal and add some much needed fat.

– Bacon, who doesn’t like bacon? Add some bacon to your salads or your sandwich for some fat in your diet. Limit consumption, bacon can be high in sodium.

Dark Chocolate
– Dark chocolate is packed with healthy fat and antioxidants.

You do not have to eat anything on this list. This list is here to guide people that have fat deficiencies in their diet. If you do eat them limit consumption to avoid excess fat in the system.

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