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10 Wonderful Benefits of Whiskey

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Don’t keep alcohol completely out of your life! Despite of all the negatives you have been hearing about it since day one, the consumption of alcohol can actually be beneficial — provided that it is taken in moderate amounts (a serving per day for women and up to a couple of servings per day for men).

For this reason, let us take a quick look at some of the good stuff that whiskey consumption can bring.

1. It Won’t Spike Your Sugar Levels

Whiskey is an alcoholic drink that contains zero carbohydrates. This means that the moderate consumption of whiskey is ideal for diabetics as well as those who are trying to slim down and are watching their total intake of carbohydrates.

2. Whiskey Improves Digestion

Constantly suffering from heartburn and indigestion after a meal? Have a serving or two of whiskey! Its alcohol content helps break down food, thus saving your tummy from a lot of hard work. Especially if you find yourself being bugged by the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion after a particularly large meal, simply reach for that whiskey.

3. Drinking It Helps Ward Off Excess Pounds

Compared to other alcoholic beverages, whiskey contains very little amounts of calories. Also, it also helps in suppressing the appetite. It’s due to these reasons why dieters can count on whiskey to keep those excess pounds from surfacing. Pair the beverage with proper diet and regular exercise and attaining your dream body is a possibility!

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4. It Promotes a Healthier Brain

Believe it or not, there are antioxidants present in whiskey. That’s why every serving of it can be beneficial to your brain as antioxidants can help protect your neurons from the damage brought about by excessive free radicals in the body.

5. Its Consumption Can Boost Your Memory

Whether you’re a homemaker or an office worker, having sharp memory is very important. If you often find yourself having a hard time recalling things, consider drinking whiskey. Its brain-protective properties can help sharpen your memory. Studies have also shown that whiskey can actually help lower your risk of dementia.

6. Whiskey is Good for Your Heart

Especially when consumed in moderate amounts, whiskey can promote a healthier heart. Again, it’s due to the loads of antioxidants present in the alcoholic drink. Antioxidants help combat plaque and cholesterol buildup, thus helping to regulate your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

7. Consuming It Also Helps Reduce Stroke Risk

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Drinking whiskey moderately helps in relaxing the walls of the blood vessels. This allows blood to flow more freely, and it helps lower your chances of developing a blood clot that may cut off blood supply to a part of the brain, leading to stroke.

8. The Beverage Helps Fight Off Cancer

There are a couple of reasons why whiskey consumption can prevent cancer. First, it has antioxidants that neutralize cancer-causing free radicals. Second, whiskey contains ellagic acid, something that is said to reduce the formation of carcinogens — substances that can trigger the development of cancer.

9. It Helps Combat Anxiety

Feeling anxious from time to time is perfectly fine. If you are on the hunt for a drug-free way to calm your nerves, reach for a glass of whiskey. This alcoholic beverage is very good at putting a stop to your anxiety

10. Whiskey Helps Buffer the Effects of Stress

If you are leading a very busy life, chances are you are constantly faced with the unfavorable effects of stress. Reading a book, taking a relaxing bath or listening to soothing music no longer seem to be working? Fret not. Drinking whiskey can help soothe both your stressed out body and mind.

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