11 Emergency Beauty Hacks You Should Try That Actually Work

No matter how put together women can be there will be time when crisis will arise like frizzy hair here and there or even smudged nails just to give you an idea. However, what’s important is how you respond to such beauty crisis. You can remain collected, calm, and cool with these beauty hacks.

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1. Replacement for deodorant when you forget it. If you forgot to apply deodorant before heading out, just wipe your underarms with a towelette that is a bit damp then apply some hand sanitizer. Since the gel of the sanitizer is antibacterial, it can eliminate bacteria remaining.

2. Fix bad breath. Running out of fresh mints is horrible but eating an apple can help. This healthy snack contains high amounts of pectin which can help get rid of bad breath.

3. Relieve your eye bags. Place two metal spoons in the freezer for a few minutes or until they turn cold or frosty. Place the curved side of the spoon down over your eyelids. The chill coming from the metallic spoon can help reduce the vessels to minimize eye bags.

4. Remove self-tan streak. Don’t worry about your tan lines. Just go for a quick swim in a pool or indoor pool if it is a bit cold outside. The chlorine found in the pool will help strip the streak off especially when you towel yourself dry with a terry-cloth.

5. Bust that blemish. Get Visine or any eye drops then saturate toilet paper or cotton ball with it. Apply it onto the zit and leave it on for a few minutes. This will help minimize the redness of your pimple due to the blood vessels being constricted.

6. No toothpaste? If you haven’t gotten to buying toothpaste yet simply mix baking soda with water and use it instead. This will help in cleaning your teeth until you find time to hit the drugstore.

7. Fixing chipped nails. Of course, you don’t always bring a nail file with you but if your nail does get chipped better get a match book to use the back to file down your nails.

8. A new lip balm. Get the extra virgin olive oil included in the bread basket served in your breakfast table. The olive oil is known for its moisturizing effects and the antioxidants contained in it can help get rid of free radicals that cause cancer.

9. Replacement for dry-shampoo. Did you forget to use your dry-shampoo? Don’t worry. That face powder that you have in your makeup kit will suffice when it comes to removing that extra oil on your hair. Don’t forget to brush your hair afterwards to blend the powder properly on the strands of your hair.

10. De-greaser. Shine shouldn’t be an excuse for a poor selfie. Just use hand sanitizer because the dimethicone, which is one of its components, can help seal and smooth skin just like what a primer for anti-shine does. Rub some on your hands and apply it on the T-zone.

11. Substitute for bobby pin. It’s not unusual for you not to be able to find a bobby pin but when this does happen, simply get a paper clip and twist it until you get a V-shape. Just twist your hair strands into a chignon then use your new bobby pins to secure your hair.

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