11 Health Benefits of Black Tea

People love the strong flavor black tea that other oxidized teas doesn’t have. Aside from its strong taste, the nutritious compounds it contains cause it to be useable as a health drink.

1. Black tea keeps the heart healthy by dropping down bad cholesterol in just a month as well as triglyceride levels in the body.

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2. Another way black tea keeps the heart healthy is by diminishing heart attack risks by ensuring that the arteries will not get injured.

3. Don’t use sugar if you are on a weight loss diet but want to sweeten your black tea. Instead, use honey. Black tea is a good choice of beverage to pair with your weight loss foodstuff because of its low calorie, sodium, and fat content.

4. Cancer, atherosclerosis, and internal blood clothing are caused by free radicals. Black tea’s antioxidants paired with lemon rids you off of free radicals.

5. Terminating cancer cells is black tea’s secret job. With the compound in black tea called TF-2, cancers are effectively treated.

6. It is little known fact that black tea is also an energy drink. It enhances the flow of blood to the brain, and when paired with a practice of consuming moderate amounts of caffeine, the body’s brain function, metabolism, and alertness are all stimulated.

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7. The growth of bacteria in the body is restricted by black tea thanks to a content found in it called polyphenol. As a result, it also maintains oral health.

8. The tannin content in black tea keeps the digestive tract healthy. Tannins get rid of gastric and intestinal ailments.

9. One more way tannin content helps the body is by combating infectious viruses, upholds cold and flu, and common diseases. A chemical called alkylamine antigen lends a hand to tannin in combating infections viruses by enhancing the body’s immunity.

10. Surprisingly, black tea also work wonders in relieving stress. Black tea’s L-theanine compounds relax us, recover concentration power, and lessen stress hormones levels.

11. Superbly found in black tea, antioxidants cure Parkinson’s disease, healing troubles, and DNA damage.

In most cases, having too much of anything is bad. However, this rule does not apply to black tea because gulping a second cup of black tea will give you better results.

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