11 Ways Dehydration Can Make You Fat And Sick

Humans like plants need water to live. Without water our body will dry out and eventually shut down. Though unlike plants, humans distinguish dehydration differently. Dehydration can cause exhaustion, seizures, asthma, premature aging, weight gain, unconsciousness and death.

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Dehydration can vary from minor to severe dehydration. Minor dehydration still have negative side effect on the body.

Here are some health complications that can happen when your body is dehydrated:

People who are dehydrated are more prone to mood swings and irritability.

Dehydration can cause exhaustion and fatigue to individuals. Athletes who lack water in their system get easily drained from activities.

Water hydrated and regulates oxygen in the body, lack of water will make the skin dry. It also makes the individual more predisposed to chronic illnesses that are associated with aging.

Spiked Blood Pressure
Without water in the system the blood tends to get condense. This inhibits normal blood flow, thus increasing blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause strokes and heart attacks.

Skin Conditions
Lack of water can cause irritation in the skin and cause breakouts. Water also helps removes toxins in the body. Without water the skin is more prone to dermatitis and psoriasis.

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Joint Pain
Knees and other joints need water to bear the body weight. Without water, there will be soreness and pain in the joints.

High Cholesterol
The body’s natural defense mechanism due to dehydration is to raise cholesterol levels. Higher cholesterol levels retains more water.

Allergies and Asthma
Your body is more prone to allergy attacks and asthma when it is dehydrated. The nose and throat are constrained due to the lack of water. People with asthma will find breathing harder when they are dehydrated.

Weight Gain
You can gain weight if you are dehydrated. Increase in water weight, slow metabolism and low energy can all the reasons for weight gain.

Kidney and Bladder Disorders
The kidney and bladder are prone to infection. Without water to help flush out toxins, it is more susceptible to diseases and infection.

Digestion Problems
To work properly the colon needs water to function. Without water, bowel movements and digestion will stop. Dehydration can cause gastritis and ulcers.

Avoid Dehydration by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. If you live an active lifestyle or live in a tropical/hot place increase your water intake. Adjust your water intake depending on the factors and situation.

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