12 Awesome Unexpected Health Hacks You Have Never Heard but Should Try

These tips may sound a bit strange or odd which is why they are called hacks and they will show you some surprising tricks that you can do with items that you use every day.

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  1. Reducing belly fat. You should drink about 5 cups of green tea in order to lose weight particularly around your belly.
  2. Treat migraines fast. Severe migraines can be dealt with fast by consuming grape juice.
  3. Use sauna to quit smoking. If you plan on quitting smoking, try going to the sauna for three days to eliminate all nicotine in your body.
  4. Get rid of shoe and gym bag odors. Try putting baking powder in a semi-permeable filter as it can help absorb any odor. You just need to place a few tablespoons of this powder in a filter, twist the top, and tie it with a rubber band. Place these packages in your gym bags, shoes, refrigerator, closet, or any area that smells a bit funky.
  5. Use peanut butter to get rid of odors. Adding a spoonful of peanut butter in a pan while frying fish can help eliminate the smell of fish in the house. Leave it there until you are finished frying so it can absorb the scent.
  6. Drink cherry juice for fast recovery. If your body is still tired from all the lifting you’ve done the other day, try taking supplements as well as tart cherry juice to help speed up the recovery process since these can help minimize the swelling of the muscles.
  7. Relief for sore feet. Pour water in ¾ bottle and pop it in the freezer. If your feet feels tired or has aches, roll the bottle under the soles or bottom of your feet.
  8. Banish headache. Get rid of headache by lying flat on the floor and your legs extended upwards. Use a wall to rest your legs on. Stay in this position for five minutes.
  9. Shrink that pimple. Dab Listerine on a pimple to minimize its size.
  10. Create your own Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt can be a bit pricey when you purchase one from the grocery. You can save money if you make one yourself by straining your regular yogurt overnight. Just place a coffee filter on a strainer or colander, place it in a bowl, then add regular yogurt. Leave it in the fridge overnight and by tomorrow, you’ll have your very own Greek yogurt.
  11. Relieve sunburn with tea. Simply apply black tea that is chilled on the affected area for instant relief while the tannins can help boost the recovery of your skin. Chamomile tea that has been cooled has anti-inflammatory capabilities which can help treat skin that is irritated by poison ivy as well as sunburned skin.
  12. Swear a lot. Letting your emotions fly while in the gym isn’t just about coping with the pain but it can also help reduce it. Researchers have discovered that those who let their tongues loose while working out had higher tolerance for pain, reduced heart rate, and even felt less pain.
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