12 Less Ordinary Beauty Tricks That Actually Work

We compile 12 unusual beauty tricks that really work wonders whether on your hair or your skin. Some of these tricks can be beauty savers, too.

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  1. Lighten your dark underarms using a potato

Do you want to achieve lighter underarms the natural way? Use potato. Cut it in half and rub it into your armpit morning and night. Potatoes do have natural lightening properties because of the enzyme catecholase.

  1. Perfect your cat eye makeup with a spoon.

To prevent smudges in making your cat eye makeup, use the straight side of the spoon (the handle) to create the line. Apply eyeliner right next to the spoon. To make that all-important swoop, use the curve part of the spoon (the part that you use to scoop food), then, fill in.  Your cat eye makeup will look like it was done by a pro.

  1. Apply blush prior to your face makeup to make your blush look natural.

It is pretty to ogle at a face with natural blush. To create your own natural blush on your cheeks, apply blush on first. Add BB cream or foundation over it. The blush will appear beautifully natural.

  1. Prevent mascara smears using a flashcard

To avoid mascara smears, put a thick index card or similar card against your top lash line for a smear-free application. Any leftover mascara will mark on the card instead of your eyelid.

  1. Create natural waves with braids and flat iron

Braid all your hair into six sections. Stretch them out flat and flat iron them using a little hotter temperature than you would normally use. Remove the braids to show loose, boho waves.

  1. For good-looking curled lashes, heat eyelash curler with a hairdryer.

Heat your metal eyelash curler using hairdryer.  Allow it to cool until it becomes warm to touch. Curling your lashes when the tool is warm will provide eye-amazing outcomes.

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  1. Conceal your dark circles with red lipstick and makeup concealer.

It seems impossible at first but YouTuber Deepica Mutyala shared this most brilliant way to hide dark under eye circles.  You can do it by following these simple steps: Using red orangey lipstick, apply it under your eyes and on your eyelids with a concealer brush. Then put on your concealer on top of it. It may seem silly at first, but after completing your makeup, you will be amazed with the outcome.

  1. Achieve extra-long eyelashes using a cotton ball.

After putting on a coat of mascara, take a lash or brow brush and rub it on a cotton ball. This will transfer some cotton fibers to the brush. Swipe the brush onto the lashes. Apply another coat of mascara and repeat depending on what you want. You will achieve major lashes in no time.

  1. For soft and shiny hair, wash your hair with beer

The use of alcohol to your hair will eliminate buildup on your hair, leaving it shiny and soft. After shampooing, towel dry, then massage a cup of beer into your damp hair. Cover your hair with plastic wrap or use shower cap to cover and leave it for five minutes and then rinse.

  1. Another way to achieve shiny and soft hair – use apple cider vinegar.

The smell of apple cider vinegar is really disgusting but this beauty trick can do wonders to your crowning glory.  Applying apple cider vinegar can leave your hair soft and shiny. After shampoo, use vinegar in place of conditioner. Mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water and pour the mixture to your tresses. Rinse afterwards.

  1. Freeze or heat eyeliner for easy application.

Did you know that heating or freezing your eyeliner can make eyeliner application easier? It makes applying this eye makeup smooth and with ease, similar to a liquid liner.

  1. Nail stains? Use whitening toothpaste.

Yellowish nail stains after removing your nail polish is bothersome to look at. Get rid of nail stains by putting on whitening toothpaste. See how your toothpaste does the magic.

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