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12 Natural Remedies You Can Try that Really Work

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These remedies are surefire methods against the conditions listed below. Check out what works for you.


Hiccup remedies go from really cool to really nuts. One remedy is done with a straw. In a glass of water (6 ounce), drink using the straw while pressing the index finger’s tips into the point where the jawbones and the neck meet.  Keep doing this until the glass is empty. The hiccups should be gone by that time.

Insect Bites

Onions contain sulfur which can neutralize the substances that gives the skin an itch. Take a yellow onion, slice it in half, then rub a side on the affected area. Use a sealed container to store the rest of the onion in the refrigerator. Slice the onion again before using it.

Chapped Lips

A lot of cosmetic products leave the lips dry on the sensitive parts. Use castor oil to moisturize the affected area when this happens. Use the oil all throughout the day as needed.  When out, use an SPF 15 lotion after rubbing the oil.


Get a grocery brown paper bag. Tear a piece of it. Put the piece of paper bet the lip’s top and the gum inside the mouth. Keep it there unless the bleeding stops. It has worked for years without knowing the reason why and how (scientifically) it works.

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When the scalp reaches the acidic pH level, dandruff occurs. Use a conditioner and wash your hair. After this, use an apple cider vinegar and wash the hair with it. Use water to rinse.

Canker Sores

In a cup of boiling water, mix two tablespoons of raspberry’s dried leaves. Let it cool then strain the tea afterwards. Use this as a gargle. Three times a day, spend a minute to get a mouthful and gargle. Swelling of the sores is reduced and cleanses them at the same time.


Lavender essential oil is best known to soothe burns. The oil keeps scar from appearing and makes the healing of the wound faster.


Take a homeopathic cream and apply it on the part where the swelling is or where there is some discoloration. Use arnica to shrink the inflammation and increase the blood’s circulation to release the trapped blood in the affected blood vessels.

Body Odor

Clogged pores are the main reason for body odor. Use a body brush to clear the skin of dead cells. Good circulation may result out of this. Detoxification improves when the circulation improves.


Dab a cotton ball into some witch hazel and apply on the blisters at least four times a day. Tannins are present in witch hazel which dries up the blisters.

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Get two tablespoons of green clay, a tablespoon of goldenseal powder, and add at least three drops of tea tree oil into some water and make a paste. Use the paste on the affected areas and leave it on overnight.

Bad Breath

Parsley is the remedy for bad breath. Chlorophyll in green plants kill the bacteria and cause bad odor. When the breath becomes sour or when you chew on some spring onions and garlic, nibble on some sprig.

Keep yourself in check. Keep proper diet and exercise. Lifestyle is the best cure for sicknesses.

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