12 Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

Toothpaste is made with different chemicals such as titanium dioxide, glycerin and sodium lauryl sulfate. Most toothpaste is clinically proven safe, but for people who prefer going all natural here are 12 natural toothpaste alternatives you can choose from.

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12 Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

Baking Soda – Baking soda has been long used as a natural alternative to toothpaste. Baking soda can whiten your teeth and remove plaque. Dissolve baking soda in water, then use on the teeth.

Sea Salt – Dab your toothbrush in sea salt and brush regularly. If your teeth are sensitive, dissolve sea salt in water before applying on the teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Simply dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and brush like you normally would. Peroxide will whiten and clean your teeth like toothpaste.

Dry Brushing – Yup, dry brushing. All you need is your mouth and your toothbrush. This will remove dirt and plaque, but this does not remove smell though.

Herbal Tooth Powders – Used herbal powder as a natural toothpaste substitute. It can help remove inflammation and infection in the mouth.

Brush with Pure Water – Without using anything besides pure water can remove dirt and gunk in the teeth, but like dry brushing it doesn’t remove the smell or odor.

All Natural Soap – Natural soap can be used to brush teeth. Though this does not taste good, it tastes like you have soap in your mouth.

Tooth Soap – Don’t just use any soap though, there is actually specially designed soap for the teeth.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil have antibacterial and antifungal property. Making it the perfect all natural toothpastes. It can also leave a nice coconut smell in the mouth.

Oil Pulling – Oil pulling is not a product, but a process. You swish a tablespoon of oil in your mouth before brushing with plain water.

Oral Irrigation (Waterpik) – This device can clean the gums and teeth. It can be hard to get a hold of this though.

Essential Oils – You can find essential oils in the market, but before using any essential oil make sure that the essential oil can be used orally. Peppermint can be used. Use two drops of peppermint oil in wet toothbrush and simply brush away.

The next time you run out of your favorite toothpaste, try one of these easy to find natural alternatives.

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