8 Reasons Why People Get Fat Nowadays

Obesity is a common dilemma for people all over the world. Diet specialists explained that this is caused mainly by overeating—that is, people are consuming more calories than they need.

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However, recent studies revealed that this is not the only reason why people become obese.

Among the top eight causes of obesity include eating so much junk, sugary, and high-calorie foods matched with sodas and artificial fruit juices without actually getting rid of their gained weight from eating too much because these kinds of food are already much cheaper nowadays.

1. By 2009, eating at fast food chains became the trend. According to studies, more than half of what people eat can be considered junk food because they are either prepared with too much oil, or too much preservatives.

2. Sugar consumption at present has also increased. This is a bad thing, considering that many studies have already proven that too much sugar in the human body due to its negative effects in a person’s metabolism. It also affects the body’s ability to absorb insulin as well as gain high triglycerides and the LDL Choloesterol, also known as the “bad cholesterol.”
People who consume too much sugary foods are also more susceptible to acquiring Type 2 Diabetes, heart ailments and cancer, not to mention a flabby belly.

3. People nowadays have also become less careful in choosing what they eat, leaving them more prone to a higher calorie level. Studies show that consuming high levels of calorie have been proven to be an indisputable cause of obesity.

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4. A much worse scenario from eating these kinds of foods is matching them to sodas and fruit juices. Consuming too much sugar is very bad to one’s health but sugar in liquid form is much worse—and these beverages are basically made with it.

According to experts, the part of the brain responsible for regulating energy balance of the body to ensure that we do not starve and automatically make you eat less if you have consumed too much solid sugars. However, this brain function does not recognize liquid sugars the same as solid ones.

5. The price of food is also considered as one of the leading factors for obesity. If given the choice between cheaper food and unhealthy processed foods and healthy but pricey fruits and vegetables, people tend to choose the former. This is true to almost every country where poverty is a major dilemma.

6. After enjoying scrumptious, sugary and fatty foods during the holidays—and gain so much weight in the process, people often forget to get rid of them. The result? Obesity.

7. Many people blame obesity to a decline in physical activities mainly because many people nowadays are busy in doing office work. People rarely find time to burn their accumulating belly fat.

8. Because the attention is focused on eating, people neglect to realize that lack of sleep also contribute to obesity. This is because sleep-deprived people experience increased hunger and cravings, leading them to eat more.

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