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12 Signs You May Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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It’s perfectly fine to want to wash your hands after touching any handle in public or double check to see that your door is locked. However, it’s an entirely different ball game if you repeatedly slather on hand sanitizer or scrutinize the door. If you do so, you may have what’s called obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD.

Simply put, you have OCD if you feel obliged to carry out certain rituals again and again even if you are fully unaware that it’s unnecessary and it interferes with your life. You have obsessions that leave you anxious, and so to get rid of that anxiety you tend to take certain steps, which are compulsions.

There are people who have OCD but they are able to conceal it, so it’s not that obvious. However, others are not that very good at hiding the disorder. Here are 12 signs that you may actually have it:


You Constantly Clean Your Hands

Most people with OCD fear getting sick because of germs. It’s for this reason why frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizers can be used as a gauge if you have OCD or not.


You Want Everything Spick and Span

Do you spend hours cleaning your home despite of it already being spotless? Do you feel like your home needs more thorough and longer cleaning afterwards? Then it’s very much likely for you to have OCD.

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You Arrange Everything in a Very Orderly Fashion

It’s very much likely for you to have OCD if your desk or drawer items should be arranged in a certain way. You feel that everything has to be balanced, symmetrical or simply look right.


You Check and Check and Check

It’s perfectly fine to double or triple check at times. But if you check 10 to 20 times that you have turned off the stove, locked the door or switched off your computer, it may be OCD.


You Do Things for a Certain Number of Times

Some people with OCD are compelled to do certain things for a specific number of times, like switch on and off the light 5 times — or else a family member will die. It’s usually driven by superstition, and it’s clearly OCD.


You Keep Thinking About Relationships

Many of those with OCD tend to make mountains out of molehills relationship-wise. You may have OCD if you constantly obsess and make a big deal out of a small matter concerning a relative, co-worker, boyfriend or neighbor.

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You Always Fear for Your Safety

Do you skip taking the quicker route to your office because you fear that you will get mugged? Do you constantly call your loved one to ensure that he or she is safe? It’s not normal and it’s likely OCD.


You Obsess Over Disturbing or Sexually Inappropriate Thoughts

It’s possible for you to have OCD if you can’t move on from a violent idea, like throwing yourself in front of a speeding truck. Sometimes you may fixate on sexually-inappropriate things, like groping a complete stranger.


You Constantly Get Someone’s Reassurance

In order to appease their anxious thoughts, someone with OCD tends to seek constant reassurance. You may have the disorder if you always ask a friend if your attire at last night’s party was fine, or if your car is already dirty.


You are Never Happy with Your Looks

There is a disorder that is linked to OCD, and it’s called body dysmorphic disorder or BDD. When you have BDD, you get preoccupied with how much you don’t like your nose or the color of your tresses.


You Can’t Discard Material Things with Little or No Significance

Do you keep newspapers, gift wrappers, paper cups and other items with little or no value and you feel anxious about the ideas of throwing them away? You may have OCD.

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You are Incapable of Skipping Established Routines

Rituals make someone with OCD feel safe, and it’s for this reason why they are unable to break routines. If you can’t muster the strength and courage to skip something you are compelled to do, it must be OCD.

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