12 Simple Moves That Boost Health

There are certain things in life that cannot be avoided.  No matter how busy you are, taking these quick and easy healthy habits will not only perk up your day but also offer major benefits to your physical and mental being.

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So, start doing these simple things and reap their healthy boosting rewards:

  1. Pump up your day. Take a 15-minute walk or jog to energize you. An early morning run or walk right after sunrise gives you a dose of Vitamin D. That’s a healthier way to jumpstart your day.
  2. Cuddle your furriest BFF. Pets are source of energy boost. Cuddling your pet can give you physical comfort as well as psychological comfort. Also, it is nice to take them with you outside and walk together. Enjoy the pleasures of having pet at home.
  3. Feed your soul. Upon waking up, read one chapter or verse in the bible not only to inspire you but also to give you some spiritual enlightenment. It nourishes mind, body and soul. Praise God.
  4. Brighten your day with a smile. To start your day right, a simple smile will offer healthy and happy boost. So, flash a wide smile and tell yourself that this day is a great day.
  5. A good laugh is good for the heart. A recent study shows that those who laughed when watching a comedy flick increased dilation of the blood vessel by one-fifth for up to 24 hours. Meanwhile, those who watched serious documentary film, their arteries constricted by 18 percent.
  6. Brush and floss. Brushing and flossing do not only bring good to your dental health but also cut the risk of head and neck cancer. In a research done in New York, it shows that people who have chronic gum disease have a fourfold risk of developing a type of head and neck cancer especially in the mouth and throat.
  7. Drink tea. There’s power in sipping tea. A study shows that sipping tea may help in protecting you from the risk of developing stroke. Researchers reveal that those who drank tea at least three cups a day had one-fifth risk of stroke compared to those drank less than one cup. Take advantage tea’s powerful benefits in maintaining your vessels and arteries healthy.
  8. Write an appreciation note. Writing a thank you note using pen and paper allows you to feel genuine happiness and gratefulness. A study shows that those students who wrote letters expressing gratitude to someone dear to them were seen happy and satisfied with their lives. Another research also notes that expressive writing may improve immune, lung and liver function, reduce blood pressure and provide a greater sense of well-being.
  9. Do yoga. Spending time on yoga can significantly decrease chronic lower back pain. Researchers tell that patients with back pain which cause them mild to moderate disability did a 90-minute yoga workout twice a week for six months had experienced less pain and functioned better than those patients who only did whatever therapy they are doing.
  10. Grill fish for dinner. A study highlighted that those who eat fish more than once a week lower their risk of having dementia than those who never ate fish at all. Thus, this study proves that fish is really a brain food. The omega-3 fatty acid found in oily fish helps in protecting the nerve cells that prevents development of dementia.
  11. Drink milk at breakfast. Drinking a large glass of fat-free milk during breakfast makes one less likely to overeat at their next meal, making them reduce five pounds over the year. Hence, drinking fat-free milk is a healthy way to lose weight.
  12. Keep moving. If you are doing office work that requires more sitting, do the following to keep you active. Stand up whenever your phone rings. Take a long way route going back to your desk after you had a bathroom break. You can also do some stretching before you read an important e-mail. At home, do not use TV’s remote control. When you need to switch channel, do it manually. This minor moves cuts some inches to your waist. Move more, weigh less. Isn’t it amazing?



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