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12 Strange-But-True Health Tips

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Tips like “drink 8 glasses of water a day”, “Exercise Daily” or “Eat Healthy” are well known and repetitive. We all know these tips and we all know that it works, but have you heard of coffee naps and water to remove bloating tips? If you have not read on the list below on 12 strange but effective health tips:

Drink Water to Reduce Bloating – Water can relieve bloating caused by dehydration. Water can also remove bloating caused by water soluble fiber.

Coffee Nap – Drinking a cup of coffee before taking a 20 minute nap can help boost your energy levels. Coffee usually kicks in 20 minutes after it is consumed, when you wake up from your coffee nap you tend to be more energized and focused.

Don’t Brush Your Teeth After Meals – Brushing your teeth after meals can wear off enamel of the teeth. Wait 30 minutes after meals to brush. Your mouth is most acidic after a meal, after 30 minutes the mouth produces enough saliva to neutralize the acidity.

Leave The Diet Sodas on the Fridge – Skip sodas all together, diet sodas may contain no calories or caffeine but it contains chemicals that slows down metabolism.

Drink Something Hot to Cool Off – This actually goes both ways, when you eat ice cream during a cold day your body will produce more heat. When you drink a hot beverage during a hot day your body will produce less heat and cause you to sweat off the heat.

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Exercise the Tired Away – Sweating it out can actually boost your energy. When we exercise our stored fats are used for energy and chemicals such as dopamine is produced. Oxygen intake also increases.

Handwritten Notes Boost Brain Power – Writing notes instead of typing them down can help you remember them more. When writing notes the brain processes what the hand is writing, unlike typing. Typing can be done in a mindless manner. Another tip is to use a blue pen when writing, it is said the color blue helps the brain to remember the notes better than those written in black or red.

Spend Less Time Together to Bond – The saying “Too much of a good thing can be bad for you” is very true when it comes to relationships. Spending too much time together can at times suffocate individuals in the relationship. Allowing some space can give the person some time to thing and actually miss their partner.

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Weighing More Doesn’t Mean Fat – If one person lives a sedentary lifestyle, is 140 pounds and the other person who is a weightlifter is 150 pounds. Do you think they will be able to fit in the same size pants? Most likely yes, even though the weightlifter weighs more the body measurements may not be too far behind. Muscle weight is a lot heavier than fat.

Eating More Makes You Lose Weight – Eating more during breakfast can cut off the 280 calories from your daily diet. People that tend to eat more breakfast, ate less calories and avoided unnecessary snacking.

Avoid Drinking Energy Drinks When Tired – Energy drinks are filled with caffeine and sugar. These give you the momentary boost of energy, but it can cause a crash after a few minutes after consumption. It can cause dehydration and excess caffeine. When drinking energy drinks dilute it with water.

These tips may seem unorthodox or weird, but they have been proven to be effective. Try out these tips and see for yourself.

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