Superfoods That Make You a Superhero in Bed

Most cases of decreased libido are due to stress, low-self esteem and depression. If you feel that your sexual appetite is down, read on before you start popping a pill in your mouth that claims to bring back superb bedroom activity. The following are some foods known to naturally increase your libido so you may enjoy a healthier sex life once more:

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It’s no secret that munching on chocolate bars or drinking cocoa can give you a natural high. This emotional excitement helps prompt both your mind and body for some lovemaking. Chocolates are also loaded with antioxidants that help put free radicals in check and promote recovery from mental and physical stress.


Healthy fats in avocados help boost your sex drive and optimize bedroom performance. That’s because those healthy fats provide calories and at the same time promote better blood circulation, including down there between your legs.


When it comes to aphrodisiacs, some of the well-known staple foods include oysters. Regarded as food for the gods in the ancient times, oysters help improve the brain’s supply of dopamine, a hormone important for memory, learning, mood and libido. Oysters also contain zinc, a mineral that boosts testosterone production, promoting unadulterated sex drive.

Pumpkin Seeds

Other foods that contain the mineral zinc are pumpkin seeds. They are also excellent sources of protein, iron, potassium and phosphorous, all of which can contribute to the attainment of superb sexual appetite.


Soluble fiber in watermelon promotes better blood circulation, something necessary for premium performance in bed. Other than that, this refreshing fruit that’s highly popular during summer also contains L-citruline, an amino acid that dilates the blood vessels in the genital area. This action promotes efficient blood to flow down there when it’s time for some action.


Folate in asparagus is necessary for the production of histamine, a compound naturally occurring in the body that relaxes the walls of the blood vessels. Including asparagus in the diet is beneficial for men who have trouble getting an erection.

Chili Pepper

Other than making dishes fiery and your body hot, chili pepper can also spice up your sex life. Capsaicin is the one responsible for this, a compound naturally present in cayenne pepper, jalapenos and of course chili peppers. Capsaicin causes a surge in endorphins and increase in heart rate, practically preparing your body for some lovemaking.


The consumption of garlic is another thing that you may do to spice up activities going on inside the bedroom. An oily compound in garlic known as allicin helps in diverting blood flow to the sexual organs to make them more sensitive to stimulation, thus awakening your libido. Raw or cooked, regular garlic intake is good for the health, including sexual health.

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