12 Ways To Sleep Soundly For A Better Health

Nowadays, getting a good night sleep is hard because of the fast-paced yet sedentary lifestyle, which affects quality of sleep. A recent study shows that not getting enough sleep raises the risk for cardiovascular diseases as well as psychological distress.

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Do the following tips before you hit the bed at night, will lead you to quality and sound zzz’s.

  1. Schedule your sleep time and stick with it

Observing a sleep schedule every night can contribute to quality sleep. A regular sleep routine maintains your biological clock steady so rest better. Researchers discover that maintaining a daily sleep routine helps reduce insomnia.

  1. Get moving during the day

Engaging in a cardio workout can improve length and quality of sleep. In a research, it was revealed that people who are physically active fall asleep faster. Get busy during the day so you sleep soundly at night.

  1. Skip caffeine after 2 pm

Drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea or cola can stimulate your body system so prevent caffeine consumption so you can sleep better at night. Consuming caffeine after dinner will hinder your brain from entering deep slumber or cease you from falling asleep altogether.

  1. Stop smoking

Nicotine, which is found in cigarette, is a stimulant; thus, it prevents you from falling asleep. Studies show that smokers are four times more likely not to feel as well-rested after a night’s sleep than non-smokers. This also exacerbates sleep apnea and other breathing disorder, causing you to lack of sleep.

  1. Sip milk not alcohol

After a few hours of drinking alcoholic beverages, the alcohol levels in your blood will drop. This signals the body to wake up. Instead of alcoholic drinks, consume milk before going to bed.

  1. Listen to relaxing music

A research shows that older adults slept longer and better after listening to soft music. Another similar study reveals that music contributes to sleep quality by way of muscle relaxation and distraction from thoughts. According to sleep experts, listening to relaxing, classical music can be an effective intervention in reducing sleep-related problems.

  1. Maintain proper room ventilation

Consider turning on a fan or airconditioning unit to cool and promote better air circulation.  Experts recommend setting your bedroom thermostat between 18° and 24°C. Go low gradually. The body loses some ability to regulate temperature during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep so excessive cooling will backfire.

  1. Turn off light sources

Light signals the brain to be awake.  The same goes with the blue light emitted by your laptop, iPad, smartphone or any other electronic devices at hand. The light emitted by these sources suppress the action of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Thus,  the darker the room is, the more soundly you will sleep.

  1. Spray a sleep-inducing fragrance

The scent from lavander, chamomile activate the alpha wave activity in the back of the brain that leads to relaxation and helps you to sleep better. Mix a few drops of essential oil and water in a spray bottle and spritz it over your pillowcase.

  1. Body temperature triggers sleep

It is a good idea to take a warm bath or drinking a warm drink before hitting the bed for it raises your body temperature which can trigger sleep.  Doing such activities aid in setting your body temp for a good night sleep.

  1. Take time to wind down

Doing the following activities before your bedtime can switch your body gradually from active to bedtime drowsiness.

First 20 minutes: Preparing for the next day (re-arrange your bag, plan your wardrobe)

Next 20 minutes: Do your personal night routine (brushing your teeth,  taking a warm shower)

Last 20 minutes: Dedicate this time in the bed by reading or practicing deep breathing exercise to get you to sleep. Deep breathing can help in reducing your heart rate and blood pressure. It releases endorphins and relaxes your body, preparing you for sleep.

  1. Make your bed a sleeping haven

Making your bed a sleeping haven  will be easier for you to switch to sleep mode. Stop the habit of working on or near the bed or filling it with things unnecessary. Just spruce up your bed with comfortable pillows, soft blanket and bedsheet and then go hit the slumberland.

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