13 Nasty Ingredients Lurking in Your Beauty Products

During your makeup application process do you ever wonder that exactly are you slathering on your face? Fish scales, bug juice and other disturbing products can be in your beauty product. This ingredient may repulse you or make you curious, but either way it is fun to know.

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These ingredients are not dangerous to the skin; they have been tried and tested. That doesn’t change the fact that knowing these ingredients can be in your beauty products is disturbingly fascinating.

We have found beauty product experts to share about this nasty ingredients in your beauty product.

Placenta extracted from animals and humans are known to improve skin and hair condition. The placenta is important for baby’s growth during pregnancy, extracting this placenta can give the user extra hits of hormones. Estrogen is found in most beauty products, excess of this hormone increase the risk of cancer. There is now placenta filled drinks to help people who lack estrogen and want better skin.

Gas Relief Medication
According to the research gas relief medication gives the hair its slick and smooth finish. You can find this ingredient in shampoos or conditioners.

Human Breast Milk
Human breast milk is naturally produced by lactating women. This milk contains a lot of nutrients and minerals that help firm up the skin and relieve irritation. You can find human breast milk in soaps and in lotion, but selling products like this are deemed illegal in the states.

Emu and Mink Oil
The back of the hide of emu and milk contains fat that can be scraped off. This fat is great conditioning agents. You can find this ingredient in sunscreen, shaving creams and hair spray.

Cochineal Beetles
This type of beetles feed on the prickly pear cactus in South America, when the beetle is full of the cactus juice they are scraped off the plant. They are then boiled, dried and crushed into a red dye called carmine. Carmine is used in lipsticks and blush. Thankfully, cosmetic companies have discontinued using bugs in their products.

Whale Vomit
Ambergris found in whale vomit has been used as a perfume base for a lot of beauty products. This ingredient has been withdrawn and has been changed into synthetic ingredients.

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Infant Foreskin
Infant foreskin can remove wrinkles and fine lines, but this ingredient have cease to catch on in the market and has been dropped.

Diatomaceous Earth an ingredient used in creating dynamite is used in toothpaste, deodorants, Exfoliators and powders

Bull Semen
Some European salons use bull semen as a natural hair gel.

Road kill
Dead animals are rendered for their fat; these fats are used as a skin conditioner. It is used in soap, eye shadow and lipstick. They can get these fats from dead livestock, expired meats and road kill.

Chicken Bone Marrow
This anti-inflammatory ingredient is used in moisturizers and face creams.

Pepper Spray
Most pain relief creams and itch creams use pepper spray in their products. The warming sensation you get in these creams come from pepper spray.

Snail Ooze
The ooze that comes from snails are a great anti-aging components, this has been used in creams and lotions.

The list doesn’t stop there, fish scales can be found in lipstick, placenta found in eye creams and everything found in nature can be used in products. It is a matter of being innovative and researching the ingredients well.

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