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13 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

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Following the orders of your cardiologist is important to keep high blood pressure in check. Other than the recommended drugs and lifestyle changes of your doctor, there are also a few things you may do to lower your blood pressure.

  1. Take a walk to help your heart work more efficiently. One of the best types of exercise out there is walking because it is suited for all ages and fitness levels.
  1. Remember to take slow and deep breaths. Doing so relaxes both your body and mind. Inhale through your nose and let your belly expand. Exhale through your mouth. Do them for 5 minutes, once in the morning and another at night.
  1. Load up on potassium-rich foods. Potassium is necessary for the contraction of your heart muscles. Some good sources of potassium are bananas, oranges, cantaloupes, raisins, sweet potatoes, kidney beans and tomatoes.
  1. Include soy and low-fat dairy products in your diet. All of them are excellent sources of good quality protein. Experts agree that having a high-protein diet is actually beneficial for those who have high blood pressure.
  1. Lower your intake of sodium and salty foods. It’s not enough that you limit the number of times you grab that saltshaker. You also have to carefully monitor your consumption of processed and fast foods that are loaded with sodium.
  1. Delight your sweet tooth once in a while with dark chocolate. Certain compounds in dark chocolate help make the walls of blood vessels more elastic. This allows for a more efficient circulation, helping to keep high blood pressure at bay.
  1. Switch to decaffeinated coffee. It’s no secret that too much caffeine can wreak havoc to the circulatory system. In order to enjoy the heart-friendly antioxidants in coffee without the negative impact of caffeine, opt for decaffeinated coffee.
  1. Have your cup of green tea. Antioxidants in this beverage help in normalizing the levels of bad cholesterol.
  1. Consume alcohol in moderation. Numerous studies have revealed that the intake of alcohol in moderation can actually help ward off high blood pressure and heart disease. Women can have a drink a day while men can have up to two.
  1. Spend less time at the workplace. When it’s time to go home, switch off your computer, grab your suitcase and head to the exit. This gives you enough time to hit the gym, prepare your own healthy meals and de-stress at home.
  1. Listen to classical music to relax your mind. In today’s fast-paced world, combating stress is of utmost importance. A great way to momentarily keep your mind off work, financial and family matters is by listening to classical music.
  1. Take coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplements daily. An antioxidant, CoQ10 helps keep the blood vessels dilated. Experts recommend taking 60 mg to 100 mg CoQ10 supplement 3 times a day.
  1. Consult a doctor to deal with your snoring. It could be obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), something that causes the blood pressure to increase.
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