13 Surprising Beauty Tricks You Could Do With a Spoon

Your spoon doesn’t have to remain in the kitchen anymore. You can add the spoon to your beauty pouch! Learn to create easy winged eyeliner or a perfectly curved eyebrow with a good ole spoon.

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13 Surprising Beauty Tricks You Could Do With a Spoon:

The Perfect Winged Eyeliner:
This spoon trick is great for makeup beginners, using the spoon can help you get used to creating the winged eyeliner look in no time. Use the handle of the spoon to create the winged tip of the eyeliner and use the curve part of the spoon to blend the winged tip to the rest of the eyeliner.

Remove Eye Puffiness:
Place two spoons in the freezer overnight. Use these spoons in the morning in your under eyes to remove tired looking and puffy eyes. Apply a tiny bit of pressure with the spoon and make small circular movements around the eyes.

Applying Clean and Crisp Mascara:
Apply mascara while holding a spoon between the eyelashes and the eyelid. This will prevent mascara from smudging on the eyelid and make sure that the eyelashes remain separated.

Create A Cupids Bow:
Use the curve top of your spoon to create a cupid’s bow. Press the curve in the middle of your lips (curved area under your nostrils) and trace it with lip liner. Repeat this step on the other side. Fill in with lipstick.

Fix Broken Makeup:
If you manage to drop or brake compressed powdered makeups such as blush-on or eye shadow. Break the rest of the makeup and create a powder with it. Add rubbing alcohol to the powder and press it back to the original case with the back of the spoon. Let it dry and ta-da, fixed makeup!

Create The Prefect Eyebrow Arch:
Use the curve of the spoon in creating the arch of your brows. Place the curve of the spoon where you plan to have the arch and trace it. Remove the spoon and fill it in.

Curl your lashes:
Use a spoon as an easy go to eyelash curler. Place your spoon in your hand or armpit, when it garners some heat use it to curl your lashes. Press your lashes toward the curve or your spoon with your fingers.

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Reduce Bruises:
Use a cold spoon and rub it against new bruises or hickies. The temperature will stop blood from rushing to the area, creating a less visible bruise.

Heal Pimples:
Find water that is hot, but not too hot that it can burn you. Place your spoon in this hot water. Once the spoon is hot, test it on the back of your hand, if you can tolerate the heat you can apply it on your pimple. Gently press it to your pimple until the heat goes away.

Use the spoon to define the areas of contouring in your face. Place the hallow of your spoon in your cheek bones. Apply contouring under the spoon.

Nail Art:
Use your spoon as a nail polish pallet. Drop in the nail polish onto the spoon to create an easy to use pallet, when creating nail art. It makes dipping of small tools a lot easier.

Nail Art Marble:
Drop your choice of nail polish onto the spoon and use a dotting tool to mix it together. Press your nail on the spoon to create a marble effect nail art.

Prevent Nail Polish Under the Nail:
Use a plastic spoon and place the tip of the spoon underneath your nail. This prevents nail polish from seeping into the skin while painting it on.

Spoons are a great tool not only in the kitchen, but also in the vanity. Keep a spoon handy for an easy quick fix beauty trick.

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