13 Things You Need to Know Before Your First (or next) Bikini Wax

Like any procedure a little knowledge before doing it your first time is a great advantage. Especially when it comes to bikini waxing. This procedure can be agonizing and irritating when done in a wrong manner. Professional aestheticians will warn you or give you after care procedures after waxing, but what they seem to tell you are the pre procedure care.

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Before going on the journey of bikini waxing, here are 13 things you need to know before your first or next bikini wax.

• Pop some pain reliever before your appointment. This will prevent skin inflammation.

• Don’t shave three weeks or more before the appointment. Don’t worry going to the wax lady with long hairs. They will trim it to the right length. The shorter the hair is the more painful and harder it is to remove.

• Avoid going to the waxing place five days before and five days after your period. Your body will be more tender and sensitive, making the pain more excruciating.

• Exfoliate your bikini area the day before your appointment. Removing the dead skin cells will make waxing easier. It will also prevent ingrown hair. Don’t exfoliate for a week after your appointment; this will cause irritation on the skin.

• Don’t jump in the pool or go to the beach after your wax session. Take a dip after three days of waxing. Chlorine and excess sun damage will irritate the skin and cause rashes.

• Sweat it out before waxing. Workout or go to a sauna to open up the pores before waxing. Don’t do it after though, sweat can cause irritation on freshly shaved or waxed skin.

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• Plan what your wearing for your appointment. Put something that is easy to take off and can hide stains like baby powder.

• Know what type of waxing you’re getting. There is sugar wax, wax strips, hot wax and more. There are also types of waxes besides Brazilian; there is the landing strip, inverted triangle and more. Talk to your aestheticians about your options and talk to her about your allergies.

• Don’t be afraid when you estheticians tell you to get undress. She is a professional and knows how to be discreet. Don’t be afraid to be half naked in front of her.

• Perform your own sanitation check. Look if the place is clean or if the material they use are sanitized.

• Aesthetician knows how to lessen the pain of waxing. They will apply baby powder on the area before waxing and will put pressure on newly waxed area. You can also distract yourself from the pain by playing on your phone or listening to music.

• It does get better, the longer and more frequent you do it.

• After skin care is important, most waxing clinic will give you a sheet on after care. You must follow this to prevent irritation and blemishes. Avoid excessive sun exposure and using chemicals on the waxed area.

Your first bikini wax will hurt, but if the pain doesn’t go away after two to three days or you get scarring after a wax go to your dermatologist.

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