15 Best Medicinal Herbs and its Uses

Certain herbs are being used by traditional healers for centuries now because of their potency. Different ones can be used to prevent and treat an assortment of health conditions. Continue reading to know 15 of the most effective herbs against certain conditions so you may get to know how to take advantage of them.


Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is effective against joint pain caused by arthritis. It’s also good for managing indigestion, nausea and gassiness.


Traditional healers use sage for treating various problems concerning the digestive tract, upper respiratory system as well as the nervous system. It’s also good for those with rheumatism and Alzheimer’s.


It’s no secret that this herb is very good at stimulating the nervous system. Ginseng is also a very popular aphrodisiac.

Wild Yam

For hundreds of years, wild yam is known to promote liver health. It also helps in balancing hormone levels and in dealing with morning sickness.


Traditional healers use dandelion to treat digestive tract problems like anorexia, gassiness, abdominal pain and gallstones. It is also being used for certain viral infections.

Licorice Root

Colic, abdominal pain, ulcer and gastritis are some problems that can be treated with licorice root. It’s also known to be good at dealing with cough, sore throat and bronchitis.

Black Cohosh

This herb is beneficial for menopausal women and those who suffer from PMS. It’salso useful against migraine as well as joint pain brought about by arthritis.

Lion’s Tail

Its calming ability makes it perfect for those with insomnia and anxiety. This herb is also known to help deal with palpitations and increased heart rate.

Blue Verbena

This herb is known to be beneficial for the liver and nervous system. It is often being used as a tranquilizer and painkiller especially for joint pains.


Known to strengthen the immune system, it is also being used for premature aging, diabetes, hypertension and PMS. This herb is also good for the eyes, liver and reproductive health.


Individuals suffering from conditions related to the cardiovascular system may benefit from hawthorn. It is something that’s also being used for indigestion, diarrhea and intestinal parasites.


It’s proven effective against PMS and irregular menstrual cycles. It’s also beneficial for women with low progesterone levels and insufficient breast milk production.


The root is used to heal an enlarged prostate. The stem is effective for an assortment of joint problems. The leaves help promote a healthy excretory system.

Lady’s Mantle

It is used to deal with PMS and menopause symptoms. It may also be used as a mouthwash by those with oral sores or laryngitis.

Raspberry Leaves

Various digestive tract problems may be dealt with using raspberry leaves. They are also effective against PMS and heavy periods.

The potency of these 15 herbs cannot be denied. However, it’s important to let your doctor know about your plan on using them.

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