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15 Foods That Have the Least Amount of Chemicals

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One way to remember the difference between the toxic and safe lists:

  • The safe foods have thick rinds that you usually don’t eat. There are a few exceptions; for example, asparagus and mushrooms spring up so fast that the insects don’t have time to attack. Sweet potato has its own unique bug protection.
  • The dangerous list can be generalized as the foods that have lots of surface area, such as leaves or skin, which we eat.

Is Organic Always Safe?

Some people are still a little cautious of the organic produce food found in large regular stores, which you can’t always verify.

I prefer to buy my food at the farmers’ market, where I know exactly where it is coming from. You get to know the farmers and their integrity. Also, I do tend to buy according to the Dirty Dozen and the 15 least contaminated produce types.

Here are the 15 Foods That Have the Least Amount of Chemicals

1.  Sweet Corn
2.  Onions
3.  Pineapples
4.  Avocado
5.  Cabbage
6.  Sweet peas
7.  Papaya
8.  Mangoes
9.  Asparagus
10. Eggplant
11.  Kiwi   Cantaloupe – domestic
12.  Grapefruit
13.  Cantelope
14. Sweet potatoes
15.  Mushrooms

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