15 Home Remedies for Calluses and Corns

Your feet are a gift that you should cherish. It does nothing but keep you walking and standing throughout the day. Our feet go through a lot, it carries our body weight, are in repetitive pressure and friction and are at times placed in an enclosed place.

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Calluses and Corns appear on our feet to protect us from the harmful particle in the ground, but it can be unsightly. It is very easy to remove these corns and calluses at home.

Home Remedy Treatments for Calluses and Corns

Trim those toenails

Trim your toenails to avoid pressure on your toes. Cut your toenails straight and file it down to prevent rough edges from adding pressure to your feet.

Pressure and Friction

If your corns and calluses are caused by pressure and friction. Find a way to lessen this, wear open shoes and avoid standing on your feet all day.

Take a soak

Use foot soaks at least 2 a week to soften corns and calluses.

Separate your piggies.

Avoid friction and moisture in between your toes by using cottons and padding in your toes.

Coat your feet.

Reduce friction on your feet by applying petroleum jelly.

Choose the right shoes.

Use the right shoes! Your feet should still be able to breathe and move when wearing shoes. If your feet don’t match, buy shoes that fit the bigger feet and use paddings to balance out the size difference.

Don’t use Cutters

Don’t use corn or calluses cutters on the market! It can cause infection and bleeding.

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Baking soda.

Soak your feet in warm baking soda soak. Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl of warm water. This soak will kill bacteria and fungi in the feet and softens the calluses and corns.

Soft-step it.

Use paddings in your shoes to prevent pressure in your calluses and corns. This will lessen the discomfort and irritation. You can find paddings in your local market or make a DIY padding with moleskin.

Lemon juice.

Mix lemon juice and aspirin tablets to make a foot wrap. Massage the paste on your foot and wrap with plastic wrap for ten minutes. Remove the wrap and use a foot scrubber or pumice stone to remove calluses and corns

Pumice stone

Remove dead skin by using pumice powder and stone on your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes, then rub with a pumice stone.

Chamomile tea

Soaking your feet in water down chamomile tea will change the pH balance of your skin, removing moisture and fungi. This will stain your feet, but it can be easily removed with soap and water.


Remove moisture in between your toes by applying corn starch on it. Moisture can cause fungal infections and irritation.


Remove corns by soaking a cotton ball in vinegar, then wrapping this cotton ball on the corn or callus overnight. Remove in the morning and rub with foot scrubber.


Apply ice on swelling and painful corn for relief.

Remember corns and calluses are there to protect sensitive parts of your foot. Make sure to be gentle with removing them and leaving a little to protect your foot. Diabetics should not do these home remedies to avoid getting wounds and infections.


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