15 Surprisingly Dirty Objects That You Touch Every Day

This list of everyday objects, which are dirty, and you touch every day, may astound you. From ordinary hand-washers to money, these dirtiest items that you touch every single day are sure to get your hands hysterically hunting down the sanitizer.

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Get your sanitizer and soap, and be prepared to swoop into this mess. You may be discouraged from ever touching anything again once you’ve read the list.

1. Shifter knob

Everything that is regularly touched everyday but rarely cleaned is dirty. Door knobs, fridge handles, and even shifter knobs. What were those that you touched before you had your hands grasp on the knob? French fries? Money? Keys? Yuck.

2. Fridge handle

You should really start scrubbing your fridge handle every day. Bacteria can multiple within 20 minutes, which means the more you touch it, the more bacteria is transferred to your hands. What’s the next thing you would touch after the fridge handle? Your food.

3. Door knob

Imagine all the bacteria that accumulated in your hands when you went outside? The same as when you came from inside? Count as well all the people who touch the same door knob. Bacteria get transferred to one space to another.

4. Kitchen sponge

Sponges are comfortable living space for bacteria to live in. This means, instead of cleaning the plates by rubbing the sponge against it, all that you’re doing is transferring bacteria.

5. Kitchen sink

What, because water and soap always runs through it that makes it squeaky clean and bacteria proof? There are estimated 500,000 bacteria living per square inch of the sink drain. Read well, that’s only the drain being talked about. Faucet and whatnot weren’t yet included.

6. Bathtub

This article is not joshing you up. When we bath, not all bacteria are flushed down its drain. Some of them remain, waiting for the next user to jump in. Things could get worse if someone in your household has a skin condition.

7. Remote control

People usually eat potato chips or popcorns while watching TV. It’s pretty obvious now what makes remote control dirty.

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8. Shopping cart

How many people are there in the mart? How many have each people touched? Then, they finalize by touching shopping carts where millions and billions of bacteria is transferred. Studies show that shopping carts hold more fecal matter, saliva, and bacteria than public bathrooms and escalators. Do you still want to go shopping?

9. Toilet seat

For every square inch of your toilet surface lives 295 bacteria. While on the toilet bowl itself, there are three millions.

10. Cell phone

Cell phones generate heat and attract bacteria the more you touch, hold, and swipe. Try using sterile rubber gloves, and dispose them in the furnace every after use.

11. Computer keyboard

While this article was being typed, the typist was continuously transferring bacteria. One out of four keyboards has more bacteria than toilet bowls.

12. Light switch

Do you see that little dark gap inside? That’s where germs live. It turns out that simply turning off the light is one of the dirtiest jobs ever.

13. Money

As much as it is very helpful to the advancement of humanity, it also slowly kills us literally. That money change you got from the store, how many hands have made contact with it?

14. Chopping board

Fecal bacteria do exist on your chopping boards. There are 200 more bacteria in your chopping board than in the toilet. Would you still like to eat?

15. Dishcloth

It’s obvious by the appearance of it. Dirty, black, and yucky. It is used to clean surfaces and get rid of bacteria when what happens is it stores everything.

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