15 Thoughts That Can Cause Diseases

Having a disease is often attributed to poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, exposure to toxins or infectious agents and even the genes. Did you know that your thoughts may be the ones to blame as well?

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Modern-day medicine actually acknowledges the fact that up to 70% of all known sicknesses to man exist because of negative thoughts. There is, in fact, a term for a disease that is caused by certain mental factors: psychosomatic. A psychosomatic condition is defined as a physical illness or any other problem that is actually caused or exacerbated by psychological causes such as negative thoughts, internal conflicts as well as stress.

Psychosomatic conditions have been actually acknowledged by traditional healers, sans the term, centuries before today’s medical authorities have recognized them. Holistic medicine as well as well as Ayurvedic health sciences have been around for a really long time, and both of them are forms of healing that not only take into account the body, but also the mind, emotions and even the spirit.

What you think can have a negative impact on your health, ultimately manifesting itself in the form of problems or diseases that range anywhere from alcohol addiction, migraine, parasitic infection, depression, infertility, diabetes to cancer.

Similarly, what you think can have an impact on your current health status or medical condition. Positive thinking is not only good for your outlook, but certainly on your mind and body’s health.

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One very convincing and mind-blowing example is the case of Morris Goodman. In 1981, he figured in a plane crash which damaged his spinal cord as well as diaphragm. The only thing he could do was blink. A few days passed and the doctors were baffled — Morris was able to breathe once more without the assistance of a mechanical ventilator as his diaphragm had miraculously healed itself. Also, his doctors were amazed to find out that his spinal cord had regenerated, allowing him to be able to move his limbs again.

It turned out that John was fully aware that the thought is very powerful. Eventually, he was able to recover from the injuries caused by the plane crash and began to walk again.

Then there’s also an herbalist in China named Li Ching-Yuen who lived up to 250 years old! There have been documents proving that he actually outlived a lot of people, such as documents issued by the Chinese government congratulating him on his 150th birthday in 1827 and his 100th birthday in 1877. He died in May 6, 1933 after delivering his martial arts lessons to some Chinese soldiers. Throughout the course of his extraordinarily long life, Li Ching-Yuen had 23 wives and fathered over 200 kids!

So what was his secret for living that long? According to him, his formula for his amazing longevity is: maintaining a calm heart, walking quickly like a pigeon, sitting still like a turtle and sleeping tight like a dog.

The stories of Morris Goodman and Li Ching-Yuen are testaments to the fact that mental factors have a say on your overall wellbeing. Living a long and healthy life and bouncing back from all sorts of diseases is actually possible just by having the right mindset. Similarly, your thoughts can have a detrimental effect on your health. The following are 15 thoughts and the problems they tend to bring:

  1. Jealousy – Various types of cancer and a weakened immune system
  2. Restricting an irritating emotion – Problems with the respiratory system
  3. Vengefulness – Conditions involving the throat, insomnia and various sleep disorders
  4. Unwavering beliefs – Migraines, inflammation and diabetes
  5. Immorality – infections, skin diseases and chronic conditions
  6. Hostility – heartburn and stomach ulcers
  7. Lying – Alcoholism, parasitic infection and a weakened immune system
  8. Cruelty – Anemia, asthma and epilepsy
  9. Uncommunicativeness – Kidney disease and schizophrenia
  10. Conflict seeking – Enlargement of the thyroid
  11. Apathy – Diabetes
  12. Fickleness – Infertility
  13. Abusiveness – Heart disease and diabetes
  14. Greed – Tumors, obesity and heart disease
  15. Anxiety – skin issues, heart disease and problems with the digestive system
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