17 Health Habits You Contribute to Damaging Your Skin

Are you guilty of doing the habits below? Maybe it’s high time that you rethink your ways that contribute to damaging your skin.

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1. Squinting. You should schedule an appointment with your optometrist as wearing lenses and contact lenses that are outdated will only make you squint some more causing wrinkles and even fine lines to appear around the eyes. You should make it a point to see your eye doctor every year to minimize aging of your eyes.

2. Waxing frequently. You should give your skin three weeks at least to regenerate particularly in areas of your body that are sensitive. You shouldn’t wax immediately once you see signs of hair growing. Waxing frequently can cause bumps to appear and can even make your skin feel raw.

3. Using the phone. Have you been wondering why do you get pimples on your cheek and jaw line? It’s because of your constant phone use. Make it a point to always bring wipes that are antibacterial with you so you can wipe your skin and your phone.

4. Hair products on the face. You should place a clean towel over your face before you apply hair spray for skin protection. Make sure that you use a sweatband the next time you hit the gym so that any hair products that you may have used won’t get into your face once you start sweating.

5. Dirty pillowcases. Your skin gets the chance to relax at night and at the same time shed any skin cells that are already dead. The dead cells are sure to accumulate in your pillowcase which, in turn, can cause toxins and bacteria to appear. Make it a point to change your pillowcases every two weeks so your skin will remain healthy.

6. Too much salt intake. Salt tends to attract water which means that if your meals are high in sodium content, it can actually sap the moisture from your skin making it appear dull and dry. Lessen your sodium intake and opt for a facial moisturizer that contains hydrating compounds to avoid getting skin that is dry.

7. Too much sugar. If your sugar intake is too high, you are damaging the collagen found under your skin making it sag. Switch to natural sweeteners such as pineapple, apple, or even mango.

8. Staying in sauna for too long. You only need to stay in the steam room and sauna for 15 minutes only since they can cause damage to the collagen and elasticity of your skin if you stay more than the recommended minutes.

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9. Second hand smoke. Aside from being harmful to your health, second hand smoke can also make your skin sag. Even if you aren’t a smoker, if you hang around people who smoke a lot, it will still affect your skin by speeding up the aging process.

10. Excessive chlorine. Swimming regularly can help with your cardiovascular health. However, even when you take a shower afterwards, chlorine will still cling to your skin and will even react to cleansers, medications, and even lotions. Make sure to use soap that has extra suds to get the most of chlorine.

11. Skipping meals. This habit won’t actually do you any good especially when you’re trying to lose weight. What’s more, this will only make your skin dry faster and even age quickly. See to it that you add vitamins A, B3, C, and E in your meals to help make your skin healthier.

12. Forgetting the lips. The best way to keep your lips hydrated is to use lip balm or lipstick that contains dimethicone, petrolatum, and glycerine. There are around 3 to 5 layers of skin on the lips that you need to include in your beauty regimen. Dry, chapped lips will only cause them to age faster.

13. Using eyewear that is dirty. Don’t forget to wipe your sunglasses just like your regular eyeglasses because bacteria tend to accumulate in your eyewear too causing irritation and break outs on the bridge of your nose.

14. Yo-yo diet. Constant weight loss and gain will loosen your skin soon enough which can cause your skin to sag and even stretch marks to appear.

15. Frequent exfoliation. You should only exfoliate once a week. Exfoliating frequently will make you lose your skin’s natural oils that can cause your natural glow to diminish.

16. Dry cleaned clothes in plastic. As soon as you get your clothes from the dry cleaner, make sure that you remove their plastic covering to let your clothes to breathe to avoid any irritation on your skin. If you don’t, the chemicals from the plastic can be absorbed in the fabric which in turn can cause irritation to your skin.

17. Using air-conditioner often. You should turn your air-conditioner down instead of increasing its cooling to increase the moisture in your skin. If your air-conditioner is always kept on full speed, you are eliminating the moisture and humidity in the air that your skin needs.

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