17 Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can cause your baby great discomfort. It can keep your baby awake at night crying and make you cry yourself to sleep. It’s time for all natural mommy or daddy to the rescue. Here are some easy home remedies you can do to relieve your baby from Diaper Rash.

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Home Remedy Treatments for Diaper Rash:

Change the Diaper As Much As You Can

Change your baby’s diaper every time he/she soil it. Don’t wait until the diaper is “full”.   Keep your baby clean and dry to avoid rashes.

Say No to Diapers!

One of the best ways to get rid or prevent diaper rash is going commando. Let your baby’s bottom run free. Soiled diapers are a breeding ground for germs and infection.

Keep It Dry

When you remove your baby’s diaper and clean him/her make sure you dry their bottoms before putting a new pair on. Pat dry your baby and let it air out a bit.

Commercial baby wipes

Some commercial baby wipes that are full of chemical and alcohol that can irritate your baby’s skin. When at home use mild soap and a clean cloth to clean your baby.

Put in a barrier

Protects your baby’s bottom from urine and feces by adding an extra protection on the skin. Apply diaper rash cream or ointments to your baby every time you do a diaper change. This cream will add an extra layer of protection for your baby.


Maalox can treat baby’s irritated skin and can cool the heat. Dab a small amount with a cotton ball in the affected area. Let it air dry before putting on new diapers.


Bathe your baby in an oatmeal bath water to protect and soothe the skin. Add a tablespoon of dried oatmeal to the bath water.

Give powder a pass

According to research baby powder are bad for your baby. When inhaled, it can cause lung problems, irritation and at times can be fatal.

Use only baby-friendly skin products

Avoid buying products that are designed for adults. Baby products are made to adjust to baby’s sensitive skin and balance. Use baby friendly shampoos, lotions, cologne, clothes, tissues and more.

Try vinegar solution

Balance out pH levels in your baby’s bottom. Remove alkaline levels in your baby that can be causing the rashes (alkaline comes from concentrated urine). Wipe your baby with 8 parts water to 1 vinegar solution.

Avoid Plastic or Tight Pants

Plastic pants are great for avoiding leaks, but it also keeps the moisture in the diaper. Avoid using this as much as you can to keep the bottom dry. Using pants that allow air to enter will lessen moisture and irritation. Don’t let your baby wear tight clothes that crushes the baby’s diaper closer to the skin.

Cranberry juice

Remove irritation from high pH imbalance by letting your baby drink a little cranberry juice. Balance out the pH balance in their urine to avoid rash due to high acidity or alkalinity in the urine.

Try a different disposable

Your baby can be irritated to the disposable diaper you are using. Try changing the brand you are using and use hypoallergenic diapers or opt for cloth diaper.

Baking soda

If your baby’s bottoms are red and irritated, bathe her/him in baking soda water. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in tub water 3 times a day for 10 minutes.

Hang it Up

If you use cloth diapers, don’t use a dryer and hang it on the line like your curtains and bed sheets. Hanging it after washing removes the moisture and lessen germs.


Lessen friction and irritation by dabbing cornstarch like baby powder. Corn starch is safe to inhale and can dry, damp areas in your baby’s bottom.

These remedies can’t cure diaper rash, but it can relieve the symptoms and prevent getting it again in the future. Diaper rash isn’t a serious medical condition and can happen to any baby. The best you can do is to make sure to keep your baby clean, happy and healthy!




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