19 Ways to Go from No Energy to Full Blast

Have you ever had those days when you suddenly woke up to an almost lifeless you? What if it becomes a regular thing? Having no energy is worse than being sick. Here are 19 ways to get yourself back on your feet.

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Get to know your rhythm
The body adapts to certain hours wherein it releases energy and we feel so upbeat. It also adapts to certain times where we feel unmotivated and sluggish. After observing your body clock, make the most out of those moments where you feel most energized. Use that time to focus on the really important tasks.

Bring nature indoors
Being surrounded with plants and prints of the scenic places that inspire you give you some energy boost. Keep your windows open and bring that sense of being outdoors into your life.

Get it over with
Procrastination is one the things that will take you nowhere. Get a resolve and finish that chore you have been putting off. Whether it is an office proposal or the next batch of laundry, get yourself together and just do it.

Go outside
The mood and the memory is heightened with just being outside for a few minutes. Levels of vitamin C help in fighting off depression.

Look for the funny side of things. Watch a funny show and YouTube videos. The blood pressure is reduced and stress hormones are kept at low levels. Get rid of that feeling that weighs you down.

Sing along to some upbeat music. Singing provides a climax of emotions which leads to the reduction of stress hormones.

Ignore time
Take one day in a month and set it as an obligation free day. Remove everything you have to do and do what compels you most.

Mess and clutter are both draining. Create an upbeat playlist and have that messy place organized. Pay special attention in places you spend most time on.

Hanging with energetic friends
Give those human energy boosters and get infected with their joy for life.

Take a whiff
The scent of cinnamon helps you deal with the effects of fatigue. It brings you to a degree of alertness, too. Peppermint and scents of citrus are good for times of drained energy.

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Brighten your day
Keep yourself surrounded with bright colors whether at home or in the office. Yellow is linked with optimism and red is associated with aggressiveness and ambition.

Enjoy more magnesium
A deficiency in magnesium will drain the life out of you. Eat some pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, spinach often.

Get dolled up
Put more effort with the way you look and you’ll feel energized right away.

Sit up straight
Correct posture improves the flow of the blood throughout the body. It improves mental awareness and alertness. Secure healthy blood circulation by sitting up straight.

Know your pressure points
It is common belief that if you massage your earlobes with your indexes and thumbs. Pinching the point between the thumb and the forefinger is a quick energy booster.

Yawning is an indication for being tired. Yawn and wake your brain up with ah, how can I help you.

Drink more water
Fatigue can be the result of dehydration. Always carry a water bottle with you.

A ten-minute walk is a great energy booster.

Eat Chia seeds
These seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is rich in fiber and protein.

Check these tips and get ready for another day of productivity. Always keep an active lifestyle and an objective perspective In life.

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