20 Fascinating Benefits of Radish for Skin, Hair and health

Regardless if consumed or applied topically, it seems like radish always has something impressive to offer. Continue reading to know the best contributions of this pungent-tasting root vegetable to your health, skin and hair.

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  1. Fiber radish is packed with helps regulate the digestive process as well as bowel movement.
  1. Additionally, fiber helps keep some cholesterol in food from being absorbed and ending up inside the arteries.
  1. Because of this, the consumption of radish may help keep high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and heart disease at bay.
  1. Radish contains antioxidants, molecules that can put a stop to the damaging activities of excessive free radicals in your body. By consuming this edible root, you may ward off cancer, obesity, chronic inflammation and even aging.
  1. Vitamins such as A, C and K in every serving help promote and maintain regular body processes.
  1. Radish also contains a variety of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese and fluoride, each one of them serving various roles for proper health and body functioning.
  1. Iron in radish is a mineral necessary for the proper functioning of the red blood cells and prevention of iron-deficiency anemia. The said mineral is also a major role player in keeping the immune system up and running.
  1. Radish is a low-calorie and filling vegetable that contains lots of water, making it excellent for weight-watchers.
  1. Amino acids in radish are building blocks of protein, making them very important for muscle building, repair and maintenance too.
  1. Vitamin C radish is packed with is an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin by warding off diseases affecting it.


  1. Since radish contains lots of water, its consumption is a great way to keep your skin cells hydrated. Consuming the root vegetable on a regular basis helps you attain young-looking and glowing skin.
  1. Dietary fiber and water radish has plenty of work together to sweep out impurities within, giving you clear skin.
  1. The juice of radish may be applied directly on the skin to neutralize impurities.
  1. The same juice may be daubed on insect bites and breakouts as it has natural antiseptic properties.
  1. Radish contains vitamin C that helps heal wounds and pimples, as well as ward off premature aging signs.


  1. Consuming radish regularly is said to reduce hair fall. Also, massaging the juice of radish, in particular the black variety, can promote the growth of new hair.
  1. Allowing radish juice to stay on your scalp for an hour is an effective dandruff-buster.
  1. Massaging it on your hair helps make your tresses look shinier and full of life.
  1. Iron in radish is vital for the promotion of healthy hair. The amino acids in the pungent-tasting vegetable help strengthen each strand.

20 .Regular consumption of radish is good for the scalp as it helps hydrate it and promote blood circulation.

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