The 20-Minute Yoga Workout to Lose Weight

There are a lot of methods in which you can shed the extra pounds that you are carrying. You can lift weights, go running or, if you prefer working out at home, do yoga. Yoga is a great form of exercise as it not only makes you more flexible, but it also helps you burn some serious calories in the process. Here are some yoga poses that you can do in just 20 minutes that will help you on your road to weight loss.

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  • Bridge variation. Start this exercise by lying on the floor on your back with bent knees and heels touching your butt. Engage your glutes as well as your core to lift your hips off the floor so that you are balanced on your shoulders and your feet. Reach your arms underneath you then adjust your shoulders so that you will be able to lift yourself up higher. Raise your right leg slowly then hold. Your left knee should remain at a 90-degree angle. Hold this pose for 30 seconds then release. Repeat on the other leg.
  • Standing side lean. Stand straight with your legs and feet together. Sweep your arms overhead with your fingers interlaced except your thumbs and index fingers. Squeeze your arms gently toward the ears. As you inhale, engage your thighs while pressing down on your feet and stretching up and towards your right. On exhale, push your stomach towards your spine to bring your torso back to the center. Repeat to the other side.
  • Superman pose. For this yoga pose, you will need to lie belly down on your mat. Raise your head gently and then your arms and legs as high as you can manage without feeling any pain or discomfort. Your hips and lower belly alone should be pressed on your mat. Hold this pose for 30 seconds then release. Work your way to holding this pose up to a minute.
  • Downward facing dog. Start on all fours with your knees about hip-width apart and your hands positioned slightly wider than your shoulders’ width. Your toes should be curled into your mat. Push down into your toes and hands, engage your core, then push your hips up towards the ceiling to go into an inverted V pose. Spread your toes as you raise your heels off the mat. Push down hard on the balls of your feet and hands as you keep drawing your belly in towards your spine. Hold this pose for five breaths.
  • Upward (reverse) plank pose. In this yoga pose, you will need to start in the sitting position with your legs extended in front of you and your hands placed directly underneath the shoulders. Engage your abdominal muscles and your glutes to raise your body off the floor until your pelvis is in a straight line with the rest of your body. Tilt your head back so you will be gazing at the ceiling. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds then release.
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