20 Things That Actually Require No Refrigeration

Do you stash just about anything in the fridge to extend its shelf life? Don’t. There are some kitchen staples that do not really need to be in the refrigerator together with other perishables. Taking them out will not only keep their proper tastes and textures intact, but will also free up a lot of precious space in your fridge for things that actually need refrigeration.

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The following are 20 things that are best left on your kitchen counter than in the fridge:

  1. Hot sauce. No bacteria will dare dive into that spicy condiment! In other words, your favorite hot sauce can survive outside the fridge for up to 3 long years.
  1. Ketchup. Thanks to ketchup’s acidic nature, bacterial growth is hindered even at room temperature.
  1. Mustard. Don’t like chilled mustard on your hot dogs? Then quit stashing that bottle of mustard in the fridge as it will survive for a long time outside it.
  1. Potatoes. Did you know that the fridge can actually make spuds rot much faster? Potatoes are best kept in a paper bag placed in a cool and dry corner of your kitchen.
  1. Garlic. This popular spice is better left in the pantry rather than in the refrigerator. Otherwise, you may have to constantly rush to the nearest supermarket for a fresh batch of garlic.
  1. Onions. Just like garlic, onions can last much longer in your panty or a cool and dry place in your kitchen.
  1. Melons. Unless already cut, refrigerating melons isn’t necessary. Otherwise, some of the antioxidants in them might only get damaged by the low temperature inside the fridge.
  1. Berries. Just about any berry can become rancid at a much faster rate when kept in the fridge. Place berries in a bowl and let them add some nice colors to your kitchen.
  1. Apples. Placed in a bowl on your kitchen counter or dining table, apples can stay in excellent shape for about 7 days. An apple a day for 7 days straight can keep the doctor away!
  1. Pears. Just like apples, pears can last for up to an entire week without refrigeration.
  1. Tomatoes. Wondering why your salsa or oven-roasted tomatoes didn’t taste that phenomenal? Maybe you kept your tomatoes in the refrigerator which can alter their taste and even make them rot quicker.
  1. Bread. Keep bread in its plastic bag or an airtight container on your kitchen counter as it may become dry and stale really fast inside the refrigerator.
  1. Honey. Since it cannot spoil ever, there’s no need for honey to be kept in your fridge.
  1. Bananas. These tropical fruits should be placed in the refrigerator only if you don’t want them to ripen or to keep them from further ripening.
  1. Avocados. Your avocados do not seem to want to ripen? Then take them out of the fridge! Place them in a paper bag together with bananas to accelerate the ripening process. Try it!
  1. Basil. You don’t want to ruin the characteristic smell of basil by stashing them in the fridge as they will only absorb the various smells inside. Keep your basil in a glass or vase with water on your kitchen counter.
  1. Coffee. It’s no secret that moisture ruins coffee so it’s best to store it in an airtight container outside the fridge.
  1. Peanut butter. Unless what you have is the organic or all-natural kind which contains no preservatives, there’s really no need to refrigerate that jar of peanut butter.
  1. Squash. Especially if it has very thick skin, squash is better off kept in your pantry than in the refrigerator, unless they are already sliced.
  1. Oils. Coconut oil and olive oil most especially end up solid inside the refrigerator, so it’s best to keep your favorite healthy oils inside the pantry. However, nut oils should be refrigerated for longevity.
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