21 Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Everybody has been through that phase of wanting to lose weight. The thought kept crossing your mind before but you kept ignoring it. Until the day came that you ended up actually being serious about losing weight. You make a sudden transition in your diet. You avoid pizzas, chocolates, donuts, cakes, and all that makes you fat. You begin exercising, lifting weights, and taking diet pills. You even join weight loss groups. Eventually you get tired of it and lose the motivation. You start asking yourself, “What was the point again?”

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Morally, there is nothing wrong with being fat. As per health, there may just be problems. Meaning, people would have to lose weight every now and then. The main problem however is the motivation.

1. Right now, as you read this, try to imagine: You wake up early, sweat during workouts, successfully fulfilling the achievement of staying away from junk food. Distressing? Not when you also imagine how much better you would look like after all the struggle.

2. Stop measuring your weight daily. It would appear that you’re making zero too little progress, which would drain your motivation away.

3. Picture yourself as a fit and well built person: maybe your crush will finally find you attractive.

4. Learn to love yourself. This is your own body; you do what you want with it. Don’t be shy if you think it would look funny to see someone obese like you shedding the pounds at the gym. You may end up motivating others who are just like you. Be optimistic!

5. Although this never really works: but still, try rewarding yourself. A slice of pizza per pound lost wouldn’t hurt.

6. Keep focused. Yes, the point is that it is hard to focus so how can you keep focused? You simply erase everything that would derail you from your determination. So what if some people lose weight faster than you?

7. Join boot camps. Boot camps resemble that of military fitness training. You get to lose weight by playing through fun activities and you get to meet people and make new friends.

8. Doing the same type of workout for the rest of your months is boring. Try varieties, try to experience them all.

9. How about being a daredevil and challenge yourself? Talk to that person next to you at the gym and invite him to a friendly duel of who is more motivated and successful in becoming fit and muscled by the end of the session. Think of it like toppling over monsters in RPG games one by one

10. A weight loss diet doesn’t necessarily mean having to eat foods that are oh so boring to taste and you just dislike. Try developing a liking to fruits and be crafty with your meals. Make salads, mix fruits in cereals, etc.

11. Track your progress with a notebook. Just do it! You have to see for yourself the magic. Simply gazing over your progress would be enough to renew motivation and inspire you to keep going.

12. Workouts don’t have to be boring. Remember that cycling through beautiful scenery is a form of workout and running on a treadmill inside your house while your heavy metal is blasting can be really exciting.

13. If you’re in need of some moral support, use social media to your advantage. Tell the world of what you’re doing and watch the comments rain on.

14. Perhaps you should invite a friend to join you on the journey? Try to best each other.

15. There are places scattered all over your house where it may be tempting to quit your weight loss plan. Such examples are the kitchen, fridge, and pantry, office bay to slack off, etc. Try posting a sticky note on these places to remind you of why you started in the first place.

16. Perhaps the best motivator: losing weight would allow you to wear your dream outfit. Maybe you have always wanted to wear a vest jacket but you cannot, because your belly is too big. Perhaps you’ve wanted to look hot wearing a polo shirt but could not because you end up looking stupid because you are overweight. Think of all the possibilities and changes that would happen were you to lose weight!

17. Yet another most excellent motivator is choosing a trainer. Trainers are experts in what they do, and that includes giving you words of motivation every now and then.

18. Try a method called “old photo trick”. Take a look at a picture of yourself a year ago. If it displeases you, then you already have the motivation. After a year of weight loss has been successfully worked out, take a picture of yourself and then compare the two and you will see the impressive work you have made and thus, would be inspired to keep going!

19. Set realistic achievable goals. Do not tell yourself, “Today, I will lose 14 pounds” because that’s just impossible. And if you fail in doing so, and surely you will, you would lose motivation from the defeat.

20. Think why do you really need to even being a weight loss journey? Perhaps you want the hot girl next door to notice you? Perhaps you want a new you? Perhaps you want to know how life would be as someone fit.

21. Look at people who are fit and does not look ugly while walking around the streets without their shirts on. The girls like their hot bodies and even the men themselves respect their fellow men for having such a body. You could join up their ranks!

Motivation is just a stimulus to set everything in motion. Without it, all is lost.

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