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25 Home Remedies for Bronchitis

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Bronchitis is an illness in the respiratory system where in the mucous membranes are inflamed and swelling. The two types of bronchitis: chronic, requires an everyday medical treatment and continues for three months to two years, and acute, which continues only a week or three.

There are eight preventive measures healthy people should follow to avoid bronchitis:

  • Rinse your hands and face frequently.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use humidifiers.
  • Take proper rest.
  • Avoid air pollutants.
  • Eat almonds.
  • Avoid scented candles, air fresheners, etc.

And now, the remedies:

  1. Plantain:

Steep leaves in hot water.

Strain and drink or breathe the steam.

  1. Mullein:

Steep leaves in hot water and leave for 15 minutes.

Sweeten with honey.

Drink a cup daily.


Boil leaves for 8 minutes.

Inhale the steam.

  1. Essential Oils:

Add 3 drops of Anise essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil.

With this oil, massage the throat.

Place a warm towel onto the affected area.

  1. Licorice:

Boil licorice roots.

Steep for a few minutes.

Drink 2 cups daily.

  1. Malabar Nut:

Chew the leaves.

Chew along with holy basil leaves.

  1. Holy Basil: Chew the leaves to neutralize lung infection.

  2. Savory:

Add ½ teaspoon of savory to boiled water.

Drink daily.

  1. Thyme:

Pour ½ teaspoon thyme to boiling water.

Steep for 5 minutes.

Sweeten with honey.

Drink the tea.

  1. Bay Leaf:

Soak in hot water.

Use as poultice and apply on chest.

Cover up the chest with a clean towel.

Warm when it cools.

  1. Spinach:

Dilute a small amount of fresh spinach into a glass of water.

Sweeten with ½ tbsp. honey.


  1. Mustard

Mix mustard and flour with a ratio of 1:4.

Stir and add sufficient water.

Apply olive oil on chest.

Spread the mustard concoction on a washcloth.

Apply on chest.

Place until the warm paste cools.

  1. Hot Toddy:

Place a tea bag in boiling water.

Steep for 10 minutes.

Add pinches of cinnamon powder, alcohol, and honey.

Stir and drink.

  1. Water: Drink 10 glasses of water a day and consume vegetable and fruit juices.

  2. Lemon:

Boil a lemon wedge.

Strain in a cup.


  1. Sesame Seeds:

Mix sesame seeds with linseed and honey.

Add salt.

Consume the mixture before going to sleep.

  1. Onion: Take a teaspoon of raw onion juice every morning on an empty stomach.

  2. Epsom Salt:

Add 1 ½ kg. Epsom salt in your warm bath water.

Immerse yourself for 30 minutes before sleeping.

For chronic, this should be done twice a day.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil:

Add little drops in boiling water.

Cover head with a towel.

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Breathe the steam.

  1. Fresh Garlic Cloves:

Peel and chop the cloves.

Drop in a glass of milk.

Boil the milk.

Drink warm before sleeping.

  1. Turmeric:

Dilute a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk.

Stir and boil.

Drink hot twice or thrice daily on an empty stomach.

  1. Orange Juice: Fresh orange is packed with Vitamin C, which builds a strong immune system.

  2. Ginger:

Mix teaspoons of pepper, cloves, and ginger powder.

Add little milk/honey.

Drink three times a day.

  1. Salt Water:

Add salt in warm water.

Stir and gargle 4 times daily.

  1. Oregano Oil: Dropping little oregano oil under the tongue cures severe coughs. Do this once a day.

  2. Honey:

Mix half a teaspoon of honey with pinches of fresh ginger paste and black pepper, and 2 clove powders.

Consume daily.


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