28 Benefits of Wheatgrass You Never Knew

Wheatgrass is slowly being recognized because of the number of health benefits it contains. As a matter of fact, with its 19 types of amino acids and more than 90 minerals, this is probably the most nourishing and healthiest herb today. Wheatgrass is normally consumed in juice form where its liquid form is referred to as “liquid sunshine” due its high amounts of chlorophyll. Here are the benefits that you can get from this natural gift below.

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1. Restores the pH balance.

This supplements the alkaline in the body which is handy in regulating your pH levels. It also relieves your blood from acidity.

2. Treats anemia.

The chlorophyll which is present in wheatgrass has the same molecular structure as that of the blood’s hemoglobin. And since it contains iron, this herb helps with blood formation which is why it is useful in treating anemia.

3. Reduce weight.

Wheatgrass can provide your body with energy so you can work out for longer periods of time. It boosts the body’s ability to lose weight to prevent obesity. Also, if the weight gain is caused by thyroid, wheatgrass can also help because it works by stimulating the thyroid gland. You can add this herb to juices and shakes.

4. Cure hemorrhoids and piles.

The nutrients found in wheatgrass makes it a valuable natural treatment for hemorrhoids or piles. It is suggested that you take wheatgrass juice two times in a day for three months to cure piles the natural way.

5. Natural treatment for diabetes.

This particular herb is found to be an amazing cure for diabetes since it can inhibit carbohydrate assimilation which helps in regulating the body’s blood sugar levels.

6. Remedy for tooth decay.

Wheatgrass is also handy when it comes to treating oral problems including tooth decay. To help treat decaying tooth and bleeding gums, simply massage wheatgrass in powder form on your gums and teeth.

7. Stops itching.

Applying the juice of wheatgrass to areas that itch, you will find immediate relief. Also, this herb can help cure athlete’s foot, rashes, cuts, poison ivy, burns, insect stings, boils, and even sores.

8. Cure blood pressure.

The protein compounds found in wheatgrass work side by side with chlorophyll making it handy when it comes to regulating blood pressure.

9. Boost immunity.

Drinking wheatgrass juice regularly can help enhance your strength and endurance for overall health.

10. Protects you against candidiasis.

Wheatgrass also contains anti-bacterial compaounds that help inhibit the growth of yeast and bacteria. Daily intake of wheatgrass juice can help prevent candidiasis as well as other diseases caused by bacteria.

11. Clear congestion of sinuses.

You can clear your sinuses by drinking the juice or inhaling the steam of wheatgrass. This herb is known to remove the toxins and breakup any mucus forming.

12. Eliminates heavy metals.

Heavy metals that are present in the body can be eliminated by drinking wheatgrass juice.

13. Arthritis treatment.

Get a clean washcloth and soak it in a 6 ounce wheatgrass juice before placing on the affected area. Use a plastic bag to cover it.

14. Gets rid of bad breath and body odor.

Wheatgrass is known for its detoxifying properties which are beneficial in getting rid of body odor and bad breath.

15. Fights varicose veins.

Drinking this herb regularly will help prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

16. Provide relief for inflammation and pain.

Wheatgrass is found to be an excellent treatment for body soreness and aches. It can also help the body remain fit and healthy.

17. Good for the eyes.

Consuming wheatgrass regularly can help improve the eyesight and night vision.

18. Handy in cancer.

Wheatgrass if often recommended to those who are undergoing radiation treatment because it can help reduce the side effects of the treatment. Just like it was mentioned before, wheatgrass is great for detoxification which is why it is useful in treating burning sensation, constipation, cell loss, and hair loss which are the usual side effect of chemotherapy.

19. Detoxifying and cleansing properties.

This herb is known for its amazing detoxifying properties which are helpful for the bloodstream and liver. It can also cleanse the colon, boost the strength of cells, and give protection from various cells that can cause cancer.

20. Improve digestion.

Regular wheatgrass intake can help push the digestive system to function properly. This herb has alkaline minerals that are known to prevent problems like constipation, diarrhea, and even stomach ulcers. Since wheatgrass is easily digested, the colon remains clean. Constipation is relieved due to the magnesium content of wheatgrass.

21. Formation of white and red blood cells.

The body’s hemoglobin production is amplified thanks to the high amounts of chlorophyll found in wheatgrass. The increase in hemoglobin helps increase oxygen supply to the blood which helps red and white blood cells to form.
Beauty Benefits

22. Prevents appearance of gray hair.

Premature gray hairs are inhibited by wheatgrass.

23. Gets rid of dandruff.

Simply massage the juice of wheatgrass on your scalp then cover with shower cap and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse your hair after to treat dandruff.

24. Treats sunburn.

Get a cotton ball and soak it in the juice of wheatgrass before dabbing into your sunburned skin. Rinse after a few minutes then pat the affected area dry.

25. Rejuvenate your skin.

Create a paste by combining a pinch of turmeric, wheatgrass powder, and milk. Apply the fresh paste on your face to get rid of white and blackheads. This paste can help rejuvenate your skin.

26. Stops premature aging.

Premature aging can be prevented by wheatgrass due to its detoxifying properties that can help eliminate free radicals in your body. It also keeps your skin elastic making you look younger.

27. Cleanses the skin.

Since wheatgrass can be absorbed quickly through the skin, you can pour some in your bath tub and soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water to get a clearer looking skin.

28. Treats skin problems.

Adding wheatgrass to your daily diet can help heal scars as well as acne. What’s more, this herb can help with eczema and psoriasis.

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