This home made toning exercises will toning exercises help tighten, strengthen and elongate your muscles, which will result in a more attractive body shape, no matter what your size or weight could be. However, if you want to lose weight, you’ll need to add some cardio to this routine. Walking for 30 minutes a day three to five days a week paired with the exercise routine below and a healthy diet will get your body in shape in no time. If you’re just looking to tone those muscles, then this workout routine is all you need.


1.  Stretch for 2 minutes

2. Push up against a wall and do front, side, diagonal and back leg raises on one leg.  Do 2 sets of 30 on each leg.


3.  Hold a towel with both hands, stretch it across  your shoulders and do squats. Do three sets of 20.


4.  Do front and back lunges with each leg, making sure you engage your core when you push back up.  Do two sets of 20.



5.  Plank for one minute.  Do side planks for 30 seconds on each side.



6. With a three pound dumbbell, do ab crunches for 50 reps.  Rest for 30 seconds.  Do side crunches for 30 reps on each side to work on your obliques.  Repeat.



7.  Do Russian twists by lifting dumbbells from side to side while engaging your core.  Do 30 reps.



8.  Using resistance band, do front and side arm raises for 30 reps, then bicep curls for 30 reps on each arm.



9.  Step on the band and draw it up behind you,  then relax back down.  Do three sets of 30.